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Weight Loss - 10 Ways To Cut Calories


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1. Use fruit purees rather than butter 2. Eat cheese but get obviate the fat 3. Don’t exercise before meals 4. Eating ahead of the TV is bad for you 5. Always have a breakfast 6. Fructose is best than glucose 7. Bad fats aren't good for you 8. Use skimmed milk instead of whole 9. Don’t have quite four egg yolks every week 10. Before cooking, trim all the fat from meat

Substitute Fruit Purees rather than Butter

If when eating mashed potatoes, adding fruit puree rather than butter, will hamper the calories and provides your mashed potatoes a special but pleasant flavour.

Eat Cheese But Discard The Fat

Cheese is sweet for you; it’s filled with calcium. But it's also filled with fat.

Get obviate the fat by putting the cheese into the microwave for about 10 seconds, then drain off the fat and grease. (Be careful to not leave it within the microwave too long, unless you would like Welsh Rarebit). Or alternatively, you'll buy a cheese that has less fat in it.

Don’t Exercise Before Meals

If you exercise before meals you're just making yourself hungrier as you're burning the fat. So to satiate your hunger, you'll eat more. a far better idea is to exercise after eating. Then your body has got to work harder to digest the food. WARNING: Don’t exercise immediately after a meal, otherwise you will make yourself sick. Exercise an hour after eating.

Eating While Watching The TV Is Bad For You

You can so easily overeat. The programme you're watching could also be so exciting and you're engrossed in it, you won’t remember of what you're eating.

Always Eat A Breakfast

Breakfast is that the first meal of the day. The word Breakfast = Break Fast. you almost certainly have had nothing to eat since supper the night before. So you're Breaking The Fast.

Your body will burn more calories if you eat breakfast.

Fructose is best Than Glucose

Drinking Water With Fructose (Fruit Juices) instead of Glucose, will act as an suppressant . Drinking a glass of fruit juice an hour before eating will take the sting off your appetite.

Bad Fats aren't Good For You

Bad fats are Trans Fatty Acids. Many margarines are Trans Fat. Butter isn't .

When cooking use vegetable oil instead.

Read the labels on the food you purchase . If you see the words Hydrogenated Oils run a mile as this suggests it contains Trans Fatty Acids. As a bonus, running that mile will spend some calories.

Use skimmed milk instead of Whole

Drinking milk means you're drinking the cream and this in fact is extra calories. Switching to skimmed milk will still offer you all the goodness of milk, without the fat.

Don’t Have quite Four Egg Yolks every week 

Do you remember the Advert on TV ‘Go to figure On An Egg’ personally i feel you’d be easier on the bus, but there's no accounting for taste.

Seriously, the white of an egg (the Albumen) is filled with the incorrect sorts of fat. So better to possess the yellow a part of the egg (the Yolk) then only a maximum of 4 times every week .

Before Cooking Trim All The Fat From The Meat

If you're keen on your meat, by trimming all the fat off it before cooking will hamper your calories intake dramatically. Or alternatively, eat skinless chicken or fish.