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Shaping up doesn't need to cost tons of cash . It are often as simple-and inexpensive-as making small lifestyle changes.

Here are a couple of tips to assist you get started:

1. Why not skip watching TV for one night and choose a walk with a friend? Walking is one among the simplest sorts of exercise and therefore the easiest to try to to .

2. Do your own yard work. Pushing a manual mower and raking leaves burns many calories and may prevent $100 or more monthly .

3. Wash and wax your own car to save lots of dollars and burn calories.

4. Do your own housework. It burns between 140 and 400 calories each day and may prevent the cash you'd spend hiring help. Thirty minutes of window washing burns 100 calories.

5. Consider a health care discount program like HealthSaver, which has teamed up with Jenny Craig to supply great savings on a spread of weight loss programs.

Members can economize on sensible weight loss programs, which specialise in a healthy relationship with food, a lively lifestyle and a balanced approach to living, commonly mentioned as food/body/mind.

The programs offer planned or personalized menus, a customized activity and motivational plan, one-on-one consultations, weight loss success manuals and tools and 24-hour support. Plans include:

• TuneUP: a 30-day introductory program (plus the value of food) that's free with HealthSaver membership. It offers a fast shape-up for people that have already got a healthy diet, exercise and need to lose 10 lbs. or less.

• OnTrack: A six-month decide to assist you revisit OnTrack with consistent healthy eating and physical activity. Membership earns you a 50 percent discount.

• Jenny Rewards: A yearlong plan during which food discount rewards grow from 10 to 35 percent as long as you continue. You get a 20 percent discount.

HealthSaver offers discounts of 20 percent on vision care, prescriptions and alternative health care treatments.