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Waiting for the “Mood Bus” to Arrive

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How many times have your heard “I’m not within the mood”… or “When I’m within the mood, I’ll roll in the hay ,”?

We mention our “moods” as if they're things that come along like buses or trains and that we mount and ride them until it’s time to urge off once we reach a destination, wherever that's and wherever it finishes up . 

Pull the Cord – DING – time to urge off!

When it relates to the gastric bypass bariatric weight-loss patient, the “mood” may be a very funny thing to live since we discover ourselves on incredible mood swings sometimes . Why is that? Why can we have such mood swings for about the primary six months of our weight-loss journey?

It’s basically because fat cells harbor our hormones; and once we are shrinking away our fat cells, our hormones are affected tremendously, and often, they seem out of control. a number of us are better at dealing with these drastic hormonal changes, et al. certainly are challenged with disguising their mood swings…. I bet immediately , you'll identify a couple of situations where you didn’t understand why you suddenly lashed out at someone, cried unexpectedly, or totally misunderstood something and took it offensively. You’re confused on why you've got reacted during this fashion when it’s not even in your character. If it normally isn’t in your character to behave in such a fashion , then you've got to understand that your fat cells and hormones are on the roller coaster ride of their life and that they too are confused! They’ve never before been subject to such sudden and dramatic changes because you’ve never lost such a lot weight so rapidly before in your entire dieting history.

How are you able to counteract these mood swings? Here’s some tips:

• Recognition: they're what they're – fat cells and hormones trying their best to function.

• Be Hopeful: The swings won’t last forever – just for about six months along your weight-loss journey until the hormones get settled and back to normal.

• Pause Before Responding: You’ve heard that “counting to ten” thing. this provides the mind a touch of your time to rationally and logically prepare instead of burst out sort of a cannon with bad aim.

• Inhale Deeply: Additional oxygen within the lungs gets to the blood cells which gets to the brain. Don’t make your brain get on an oxygen diet because that only impairs your thinking.

• Consider the Consequences: Will your mood hurt someone? Will it cause more confusion to the situation? Bad consequences can never be escaped. And if you’re not good at apologizing, you’ll damage important relationships even further.

• Get Adequate Rest: The body and therefore the mind must pack up and regroup to function at its best. Cheating yourself of adequate rest magnifies the mood swings.

• Eat Nutritionally: this is often a no brainer to us, isn’t it? We are more conscious of our body’s nutritional needs than we’ve ever been aware in our lives because our bloodwork will show our doctor the reality during our follow-up visits.

• Walk it Off, Soak it Out: Take a walk or an extended hot bath to relax yourself. Don’t make important decisions once you feel tense.

• Get Help: if things are too overwhelming, seek help from supporters or maybe from the medical community . There’s should be no shame in posing for help.

• Inform Others: Or shall I say “warn” others of your temporary circumstance? you only might avoid future misunderstandings this manner .

• Get Sunshine: Every chance you get spend a while within the sunshine! Part the drapes, open the blinds, take a walk, choose a drive, sit on a park bench… just enjoy the sunshine! Serotonin (chemical in our body that affects our moods) is increased once we are within the bright sunshine.

• Write it Out: Write your moods/frustrations down on paper. Keep them during a journal for future review or instantly throw them away. This exercise is just to release the steam which may be build up inside you.

• It’s Not Unique: once you consider that you’re not unique to those mood swings, you'll take comfort to understand that others are experiencing an equivalent quite things. You’re not going crazy.

Select ONE item from the list above and work thereon immediately TODAY. It all begins HERE! Keep adding ideas from the above list, and shortly you’ll be feeling better about your moods and subsided susceptible to surrendering to your out-of-control feelings or emotions. 

Stop expecting the Mood Bus to come… you’re not the passenger, you’ve been promoted to the driving force on top of things of your own route!