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The Stunning Effects Of Blessing Your Food


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Grandma was right. Bless your food. 

It's a rare thing lately to listen to someone blessing their food. aside from Thanksgiving…and quaint Rockwell paintings…our food goes unblessed. Happily consumed, largely unappreciated.

There is real magic within the blessing of food - or anything . this is often not airy-fairy New Age stuff. neither is supported any religious tradition. In fact, science is proving that the thoughts we expect about something dramatically alter its body .

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto has been doing amazing work recording the consequences of energy on water. He photographed the crystal structure of water before and after being labeled with words concerning various aspects of life. 

Water samples exposed to hateful words like "I hate you" or "you make me sick" took on random, unattractive appearances. Water that was exposed to words like "love", "thank you", or "peace" changed to beautiful, crystalline structures very similar to elaborate snowflakes.

You will find photos of Mr. Emoto's water samples at See for yourself what water samples seemed like after they were blessed various thoughts.

What Mr. Emoto photographed is how water reacts to thought. Water makes up 70% of the earth - including our bodies and therefore the food we eat. If thought can affect water such a lot , imagine what it can neutralize our lives.

Try an experiment…write "thank you" on an error of paper and tape it to rock bottom of an opaque mug . Tape a blank piece of paper to rock bottom of an identical mug. Fill both mugs with identical amounts of water . Mix the mugs up so you so you do not know which one is which. 

Now do a taste test and see what you notice about the taste of the water. most of the people taste a difference within the water sample that was labeled "thank you". No wonder cultivating an attitude of gratitude can create such huge changes during a person's life.

Each time you sit right down to eat…take a flash to bless your food. you do not need to roll in the hay aloud if that might cause you to feel self-conscious. Just bless it in your own heart and soul. 

Food has life and energy. it isn't just a thing. It's still alive. If you check out food from the attitude of physics , it's quite dynamic. In fact, it's mostly energy and empty space. Like everything, food exists in relationship to the thoughts and therefore the world around it.

Pay attention to the food that's close to become you. remember of what you're putting into your mouth. Eat with the care and awareness of what you would like to become. That food is literally getting to be YOUR body.