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The South Beach Diet By Dr. Arthur Agatston


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"The South Beach Diet" touts itself as teaching dieters to eat the proper carbs and therefore the right fats.

The diet itself is devided in three phases:

In the first dieters banish their bad carb cravings and induce rapid weight loss. 

In the second phase, some sorts of carbs are reintroduced and weight loss is slower. 

The final phase is that the Diet for all times phase. 

This is the upkeep diet and can be followed for the remainder of the dieters life. If at any time the dieter begins to realize unwanted pounds, then he simply goes through the induction and pre-maintenance phases again.

The first phase emphasizes protein from high-quality meat sources with many fresh vegetables and salads with real vegetable oil dressing. 

Bread, rice, pastas, potatoes, food , soy milk and cheese, yogurt, beets, carrots, corn and every one fruit are forbidden within the 14-day induction phase. This includes all candy, cake, frozen dessert and sugar, plus meats that are cured in sugar or molasses. 

The diet encourages three meals each day with a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack.

There is also a daily hotel plan . This plan includes strict portion control within the induction phase. An example of a daily snack is 20 peanuts. And 30 pistachios is another snack option.

Unlike Atkins, unlimited protein consumption isn't advised or allowed on this diet. However, during the later phases of the diet a number of the strict portion control does end and dieters are ready to eat until satiated.

Some of the forbidden foods are often slowly reintroduced, sometimes in modified form within the second phase of the diet. The second phase lasts until the dieters goal weight is reached. However, white flour products, potatoes, corn, carrots, beets and sweet fruits like banana and pineapple are still forbidden.

After dieters reach their ideal weight, they proceed on to their Diet for all times or maintenance diet.

In this phase the forbidden foods are processed foods, white flour products, sweet fruits, and foods with a high glycemic index generally .

During the 14-day induction period, Dr. Agatston predicts a weight loss of between eight and 13 pounds, with belly fat being the primary to travel . 

In the second phase dieter should still lose 1-2 pounds hebdomadally as long as they are doing not go overboard with the carb reintroduction.