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The Pros and Cons of Lap Band Surgery


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In the quest to seek out the last word weight loss solution, medical researchers have come up with a spread of procedures and diets. one among them is lap band surgery. this is often an easy procedure wherein a lap band (short for laparoscopic gastric band) is placed within the upper portion of the stomach. This procedure creates alittle pouch, which limits the quantity of food that the person takes in. The lap band itself is formed of silicon and may be inflated and deflated within the person’s body.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, simply because someone has had a lap band surgery doesn’t mean that that person can continue his old eating habits immediately. In fact, there's a selected diet that one has got to follow immediately after lap band surgery. this will be considered as an obstacle by some people (due to inconvenience) while others might not see it within the same way.

The lap band diet has three phases – the diet phase, the puree phase, then the regular diet phase. the primary phase lasts around 2 weeks after the surgery. because the name implies, the patient is merely allowed clear liquids. This includes broth, clear soup, and fruit juices. The puree phase follows and lasts for an additional 2 weeks. during this phase, the patient can now eat high protein food, which has got to be chopped into tiny pieces. The last phase ensues round the 5th or 6th week, wherein the patient can slowly add fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, low fat proteins and therefore the like. Meat, fibers, and bread are still not allowed however.

One big advantage of lap band surgery is that the procedure itself. it's relatively simple and therefore the patient needn't be admitted to the hospital for it to be administered . The patient can even resume normal activity within several days of the operation – apart from eating, that is.

Another advantage of lap band surgery is that the pain related to it – it's minimal. this is often especially significant if you compare the consequences of gastric bypass and other similar surgical procedures. More so, with gastric bypass, the patient features a higher risk of infection. this is often thanks to the very fact that when the stomach becomes full, its contents don't tend to leak to other parts of the body like gastric bypass. additionally to the present , the location of a lap band doesn't involve the danger of experiencing the dumping syndrome. this is often wherein the patient develops intolerance for carbohydrates and sugar. The dumping syndrome is related to gastric bypass.

Of course, lap band surgery can have its disadvantages also . For one, people with certain conditions like ulcers and GERD cannot have a lap band placed. People outside the age range of 18 and 55 aren't recommended for lap band surgery either, although there are exceptions to the present . Again, the strict diet restrictions may convince be cumbersome for a few people.

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