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You’ve heard of “The South Beach Diet” and “The Mayo Clinic Diet” but have you ever ever heard of “The Influenza Diet?” If not, you're missing out on a “real treat” and a terrific opportunity to assist you lose and bar those excess holiday pounds. By the way, it isn’t a diet that you simply can readily plan on starting, but it's one that forces itself upon you quietly and suddenly.

‘Tis the season to place on weight! Yes, there's something about the month of December that convinces folks that what they eat during that month will soon be forgotten by January. You’ve heard the joke: December calories don't get counted! Okay then, when your scale shows your weight has shot up by 13 lbs., who [or what] are you getting to say counted the excessive baggage now resting around your gut? Hmmm?

Here a diet, there a diet So, which diet are you getting to try? One that omits carbs? Another that restricts sweets? a 3rd one that needs you to sip, not eat your daily nutritional intake? seems like fun for someone…maybe the author of the book [or her publisher], the diet club, or the gym pushing the diet.

Did you get your flu shot yet? If you bought a flu shot this year, likely you won’t get the flu. Unfortunately, that doesn’t protect you from the handfuls of flu-like illnesses roaming our planet at any given time. Now for a true treat: if you contract an illness that attacks your intestine, plan on being ill for several days. Also plan on losing a bunch of pounds as even the thought of food will cause you to sick! Yes, love it or not you're on “The Influenza Diet” or one among its many cousins. Ride the diet for what it's worth…drink many water, munch on a couple of saltine crackers, because aside from that you simply won’t be ready to “stomach” anything a minimum of for several days.

When your appetite returns, gradually resume eating and return to your pre-holiday good eating habits. If the urge to splurge comes upon you, remember to those days when your very bones ached, your stomach churned, and therefore the “porcelain throne” was your frequent companion. If that doesn’t depart a quiver in your liver, than nothing else will. Enjoy the lost pounds and your successful completion of The Influenza Diet.