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The Flavor Point Diet is premised on creation of meals, whose flavors help your appetite center recognize now sooner so you are doing not over eat and gain weight. 

How does this work? This works supported a well known observation , that the “Flavor Point”, it's a introduce your eating experience where the appetite center (hypothalamus) in your brain recognizes the very fact that your appetite has been satisfied.

The Flavor Point diet is arranged around “flavor themes”. this suggests , every day features a set of meals supported a selected flavor. you'll get apple flavored meals on Monday, oregano on Tuesday, or blueberries on Wednesday, etc. Better yet, you are doing not feel bereft of food or nutrients at any time. 

David L. Katz M.D. a renowned authority on nutrition and weight controls, performing at the Prevention research facility and therefore the Rudd Food Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University , is that the writer/creator of this diet. 

He conceived of this diet program and tested the recipes by conducting a pilot study of 20 women, men, and their families for over 12 weeks at the Yale-Griffin Prevention research facility . 

At the conclusion of the scientific research , the participants and their families saw their body fat drop, blood glucose , and cholesterol, insulin, and vital sign drop significant levels. 

Dr. Katz said ‘The Flavor Diet’ book , whose recipes are created with the assistance of his wife Catherine a neuroscientist, has three aims:

To guide people, to remain committed to their weight loss goals, during a responsible manner. 

Be an agent of positive change, by altering the negative concepts Americans have and feel about dieting. 

Change the way the foods are cooked and presented in homes, hotels, and restaurants. Dr. Katz contends today’s prevailing culinary environment has led to flavor overload, leading people to eat more, before they feel full. 

For whom is that the Flavor Point Diet intended? Dr. Katz recommends the diet to be employed by persons with an obesity problem, chronic dieters, and people who simply prefer to eat the healthy way. 

The Flavor Point Diet are often a healthy aid in lowering the obesity levels, for within the us today, obesity has become a significant health epidemic. 

Figures taken from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from to 1999-2002, show that 15% of yank children ages 6-11 and 64% of adults aged 20 years up are classified as obese. 

The second reason, is that the incontrovertible fact that per annum , many diet and weight loss programs are introduced. A majority is faddish, and a few of those are dangerously very unhealthy. 

The Flavor Point Diet plan with its’ three dieting phases, where the more obvious flavors are set at the start and therefore the subtler ones towards the top , will suit the chronic dieter. For the chronic dieter features a tendency to jump from one diet fad another, or skip certain stages during a diet plan. 

The nutritional profile of the diet is steady, and it meets all the dietary guidelines. due to these, the chronic dieter can safely occupy any phase of the diet plan, for an indefinite time, stay healthy, and keep losing weight.

Lastly, the diet plan is meant for and is acceptable for all the members of a household, whatever ages they'll be. 


The Flavor Plan Diet provides you with the power to pick one flavorful food and to eat only this, to your heart is content for as long as you would like to. you'll feel full and satisfied. Your nutritional requirements are met, albeit you're eating fewer calories. See the unofficial support site at for more info.