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The Fear of Sugars -- A Worthy Phobia

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It’s vital that the bariatric patient keep an eye fixed on sugar grams in food!

About 97% of all bariatric surgery patients learn to become very conversant in what's referred to as the “dumping syndrome”, which may be a way the body tells you that you simply simply ate something that you really shouldn’t have eaten. “Dumping” shows up in many forms from sudden fatigue, to nausea, to vomiting, and even diarrhea. When the “dumping” comes, note of what you last ate, and do your best to avoid it again. 

Many things can cause dumping. Foods containing an excessive amount of grease, fats, carbs, and sugars CAN cause you to “dump.” But the most important culprit during this list (yet numerous foods have these elements in them), is SUGAR and SUGAR ALCOHOLS. 

What exactly are “Sugar Alcohols”?

Basically, Sugar Alcohols are artificial sweeteners or “anything that is a sweetener in food but can't be labeled as a sugar since it isn’t pure sugar.”

Sugar Alcohols might not add calories (as real sugar does) to your body, BUT they are doing ACT like sugar within the sense they're going to make the bariatric patient DUMP as if they partook of real sugar. on the average , the bariatric patient cannot tolerate quite 12 grams of sugar PER MEAL. Beyond 12 grams of sugar will nearly always cause some sort of dumping, be it mild or severe. this is often why it's essential to feature up both the sugar and therefore the sugar alcohols that are being consumed per meal.

Let’s say the food label says the merchandise has 2 grams of sugar and 14 grams of sugar alcohols. Does that mean it’s safe? it's NOT safe because when the sugar alcohols act a bit like sugars, in essence, you're consuming 16 grams of “sugar-action” because you've got to feature the 2 together since they react within the body an equivalent way. Some “diet” foods claim to be low in sugar – TRUE – on the other hand they contain 22 grams of sugar alcohols. this is often okay for non-bariatric patients, but a sure “dumping within the making” for us!

What exactly is “Sugar”?

Chemically, sugars are carbohydrates. because the body digests food, carbohydrates (except fiber) break down into sugars. we will find sugars during a sort of forms. Sugars just aren’t wont to sweeten food: they're also used as natural preservatives and thickeners. Sugars are added to foods during processing and preparation. The body cannot tell the difference between “natural” sugars and artificial sugars because they're an equivalent with regard to chemical breakdowns.

“Incognito” Sugars

Watch out for these sugars in disguise! Some are obvious while others are tricky:

• Brown sugar 

• Corn sweetener 

• Corn syrup 

• Fructose 

• Fruit juice concentrate 

• Glucose (dextrose) 

• High-fructose syrup 

• Honey 

• Invert sugar 

• Lactose 

• Maltose 

• Molasses 

• Raw sugar 

• Table sugar (Sucrose) 

• Syrup 

If you discover this stuff listed on food labels, remember this: the merchandise is probably going to be high in sugars if one among the above-mentioned shows first or second within the ingredients list. If several of those are listed, then the merchandise most-definitively are going to be too high in “sugars” for the bariatric patient and can cause dumping.

Also, fruits contain “natural sugars”. And fruits, unlike packaged foods, don’t have convenient wrappers on them revealing any sugar values within them. this is often where we've to “know” what proportion sugars are within the fruits we eat. Pineapple is one among the very best natural-sugar fruits out there, and grapes are pretty high too. Fruits are good for our system, if taken carefully . But an excessive amount of of the “natural” sugars also can cause an ill effect. 

If you haven’t developed the FEAR OF SUGARS by now, then you would possibly be doing yourself an injustice. it's important o skills sugars effect you personally so you'll find out how to eat anywhere confidently . once you begin to know how sugars affect your system, you'll then attend any event and know what's okay to eat and the way much of that “party” food you'll safely eat without causing an embarrassing and inconvenient dumping episode. When you’re dumping, attention is of course drawn to you because others genuinely care and can inquire about why you’re not feeling well. If you don’t want this type of attention, then get your Sugar Intake traffic island right down to a private science for you so you'll always relax and luxuriate in your food.