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Low carb diets are probably the foremost popular diet types today. Its philosophy of lowering on bad carbohydrates, bad fats and bad sugars has turned the planet on its ear because it challenges the age-old belief that low fat diets assist you reduce . But consistent with supporters of low carb diets, if low fat diets are really beneficial in losing weight then why is it that 30 years after it had been first presented to the general public there are more obese people now than ever before.

According to low carb diet supporters the rationale lies in carbohydrates. They contend that carbohydrates are what contributes to obesity. They also said that carbohydrates are an influence stimulant that triggers hunger pangs. This misconception about how certain ingredients in our food work is proving to be an enormous mistake because low fat diet followers are literally more compelled to eat more carbohydrates.

How does this exactly work? once we eat carbohydrate rich food especially people who are made from simple carbohydrates like sugar, pasta, potatoes, rice or anything made with refined flour it stimulates the assembly and secretion of insulin. The effect of insulin within the body is that it coaxes glucose – which is produced by the digestion of carbohydrates – to be absorbed sooner by our tissues for energy consumption. the additional glucose that's not consumed are then converted into and stored as fat. 

But it doesn't stop there. Once the glucose levels in our body drop, the insulin levels in our body would also fall. This cycle of a carbohydrate meal – rapid insulin increase then subsequent rapid drop by insulin only promotes more hunger pangs. this suggests that just after two to four hours after a carbohydrate-rich meal we might already crave for more carbohydrates. this is often sort of a vicious circle where you eat carbohydrates, store fat, get hungry then eat more carbohydrates. With a coffee fat diet, an individual still gets fat and raises his cholesterol levels – which is bad news.

This explanation to support low carbohydrate diets is as sound because the explanations being forwarded for low fat diets. By limiting or maybe avoiding carbohydrates in our diet we will control our insulin levels to a manageable degree and thus prevents the hormone from transforming glucose into fat. this is able to successively transform our metabolism enabling us to use our fat reserves because the source of our energy and not glucose that's made up of carbohydrate digestion. This transformation enables our body to burn fat more.

Unfortunately, at now in time, there aren't enough studies to support the low carbohydrate diet in comparison to the older low fat diet regimen. But as more and more studies are made, it's becoming apparent that low carbohydrate diets even have tremendous health benefits to our body. There are some indications that this sort of diet can actually lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels within the body. The tremendous health benefits that are being attributed to low carbohydrate diets really deserves a re-evaluation .