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The Atkins Diet Everyone is still talking about it!


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Hard to believe that a diet that has been around since 1972 remains such a hot topic. Of course, a diet that advocates eating high protein, high fat food while ablation most of the carbohydrates may be a popular diet of choice today. Although it's come under some scrutiny over the last few years, one thing is surely - this diet can cause serious weight loss!

Jumping forward from 1972, Dr. Atkins published three books on his diet plans between 1992 and 2002. He has also published several companion books, like cookbooks, journals and various specialized dieting books. Using these books and his diet plan, an excellent amount of weight loss success has been achieved by numerous dieters. 

Over the previous couple of years, Dr. Atkins’ diet has not only been popular in homes, but in restaurants and grocery stores, as well. Many restaurants are now featuring an “Atkins” option, or low-carb selections supported his or other similar diet plans. Atkins Advantage may be a company that's creating and distributing nutritional bars, shakes and other goods supported the Atkins diet in grocery stores, pharmacies and discount outlets nationwide. 

One of the most draws of the Atkins diet is that the incontrovertible fact that once you follow it, counting calories isn't something that's required. No funny charts are used and no journal has got to be kept (unless you select to). you furthermore may don’t need to watch “portions” once you are on the Atkins diet. you'll eat the maximum amount of certain sorts of food as you would like , once you want, without worry. This results in another of the pros of the diet - serious weight loss!

Another thing that draws people to the Atkins diet is that the incontrovertible fact that you'll eat the maximum amount meat, cheese and eggs as you wish . High fat, high cholesterol foods aren't a “no-no” with the Atkins diet. As anyone who has been on a diet knows, you've got to offer up something once you prefer to follow any quite plan. This plan allows you to stay eating the maximum amount protein rich foods as you would like .

One of the most complaints about the Atkins diet is its strict limitation of carbohydrates, which incorporates basic foods like bread, pasta, rice and even fruits. you'll up your intake of eggs, cheese and any sort of meat, but you've got to practically eliminate any processed flours and sugars from your daily food intake. Some say even this is often not that big of a drag in an age where artificial sweeteners can allow you those guilty pleasures, like frozen dessert . Also, if you persist with the diet long enough, those looking for carbs won't be as strong and simply managed. However, if you cheat and eat carbs occasionally to prevent those cravings, they're going to come stronger and stronger. 

This diet has been criticized by others within the medical profession , which could be seen as another drawback to the diet. It doesn't conform to the American Heart Association’s guidelines for a healthy heart thanks to its high levels of cholesterol and fatty foods. Other medical professionals also state that thanks to this diet’s low levels of dietary fiber, it can cause constipation and bowel problems. It also can cause high levels of acid and ketones within the body, since it's burning fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. These high levels can cause problems with the kidneys and headaches. 

Truthfully, if you're finding success with this diet, it might be the right diet for you. However, if you're experiencing health problems or aren't satisfied on this diet, it probably isn't . like other diets, the dropout rate of these who start the Atkins diet is high…so it obviously isn’t the simplest thing since “sliced bread”!