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Swimsuit Season: It's Not Too Late To Look Great


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Like many dieters, 34-year-old Celeste Roethele's weight-loss journey began with the belief that swimsuit season was approaching . The dental office manager vowed to urge into a bikini, highly motivated by a Hawaiian vacation she had planned together with her husband. 

With but four months and about 20 pounds to urge to her goal of wearing a bikini, Celeste decided to show on to the experts. She searched the web for Weight Watchers and discovered she could follow their plan online. 

"Weight Watchers Online was good for my lifestyle," says Celeste. "I work and have a family, so I needed a versatile plan. With Weight Watchers Online, I could follow my progress, get tips and track my food whenever it had been convenient for me--all on the pc ."

Celeste found great motivation online, too. She searched for fulfillment stories about women almost like her tall and weight and taped their pictures round her home for encouragement.

Celeste proudly wore her bikini to Hawaii and has maintained her nearly 20-pound weight loss for about three years. She offers the following pointers for weight-loss success.

• aren't getting overly hungry. Celeste keeps control during the day by snacking. She features a small, healthy snack, like cheese or a couple of almonds, before leaving work so she isn't ravenous while preparing dinner.

• Keep track of what you eat. With over 27,000 food options, including brand-name groceries and restaurant entrees, the load Watchers Online food tracker helps Celeste keep tabs on what she eats, so she will make smart choices throughout the day.

• Identify weaknesses and find solutions. Eating out and not binging on the weekends were Celeste's biggest challenges. She found ways to take care of control by breaking down tricky situations and finding alternate behaviors. for instance , rather than eating a roll or two while perusing the menu, Celeste skips the bread and strikes up a conversation together with her husband.

• Renovate recipes. With a couple of ingredient substitutions, Celeste transforms once-fattening dishes into healthy meals. Celeste learned the way to reduce one among her family's favorites, jambalaya, using the Recipe Builder on Weight Watchers Online.

• Shop smart. If it isn't in your pantry, you will not eat it. cash in of quick wins at the grocery by switching to low-fat and fat-free versions of favorite foods.