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SmartLipo may be a new procedure that has revolutionized the way one can get obviate body fat. it's a sort of liposuction during which laser is employed for performing the procedure. it's also called Laser Liposuction. The procedure was initially practiced in Europe and therefore the FDA has approved it a few of weeks ago and it's been practiced within the USA since then. SmartLipo is such a sensible procedure that gets obviate the unwanted ugly fat from the body so effectively that you simply aren't left with any ugly scars or redundant skin folds. And in particular you'll report back to work within a couple of days.

 SmartLipo is right for treating small areas of the face, neck, arms, breasts and abdominal areas and areas of loose and flabby skin. Typically just one treatment is required. the maximum amount as 500 ml of fat are often melted away at one session. The session may last from 45 minutes to at least one hour for every area treated.

SmartLipo is different from the traditional liposuction during a number of the way . These include -

" SmartLipo is completed under local anaesthesia called Tissue Infusion Anesthesia whereas the traditional liposuction is completed under general anaesthesia . due to this there are many advantages like avoiding the complications of anesthesia, remaining conscious during the procedure, and faster recovery from the consequences of the anesthetic drug. 

" In SmartLipo, a 1 mm diameter probe is introduced through alittle incision on the skin and laser is introduced through it which melts away the fat. Since the incision is so small it doesn't require any suturing and no visible scar are going to be seen at the treatment site. On the opposite hand a 4mm- 6 mm diameter tube is employed to suck the solid fat out of the body within the conventional liposuction. An incision has got to be done on the skin for insertion of this tube. This skin incision needs suturing and it heals with an unsightly scar later.

" In SmartLipo, the skinny probe introduced melts the fat inside and later collagen fibers are formed leading to tightening of the skin. therefore the procedure doesn't cause any loose hanging skin. On the opposite hand, within the conventional liposuction, the fat is sucked out and this leads to loose hanging skin folds which look ugly.

" In SmartLipo, the procedure causes less tissue damage and bleeding because it involves laser treatment. On the opposite hand, within the conventional liposuction, manual operation of the tube is completed for sucking out the fat which can cause tissue damage and bleeding

" Patients undergoing SmartLipo procedure can return to figure after two days. But those that undergo the traditional liposuction need rest and may resume their work only after every week .

The results are permanent because the fat cells are removed. But if an individual gains weight, the surplus fat gets deposited in places that aren't treated with SmartLipo