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Slim Down While Eating On the Go


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If you're watching your weight, don't even believe skipping breakfast. once you don't dine in the morning, likelihood is that you'll overeat at other meals and eventually placed on pounds, not take them off.

In fact, consistent with research presented at the American Heart Association's 2004 annual conference on cardiovascular health, the rates of obesity and insulin resistance among people that always eat breakfast are up to 50 percent less than for those that frequently skip the morning meal.

Luckily, you do not need to prepare an elaborate meal within the morning to urge the required nutrition. Atkins Nutritionals Inc. suggests eating a protein-packed bar as a satisfying, on-the-go breakfast or snack.

Granola wont to be considered a food . However, most packaged brands are filled with sugar and sometimes trans fats. If you hanker for this crunchy treat but don't need all the carbs, you're in luck. Atkins Advantage Granola Bars are filled with wholesome granola taste, without added sugar or trans fats.

These low-carb granola bars are portable and satisfying, and are great sources of protein, calcium and fiber. they are available during a sort of flavors, including Wild Berry, Golden Oats, Chocolate Chip and spread .

The Advantage Granola Bars join Atkins' established line of Advantage Bars, which are available flavors like Chocolate Decadence, Pralines 'N Creme and Almond Brownie. Over the past seven years, the Atkins Advantage brand has flourished, branching out from the ready-to-drink shakes and shake mixes that the majority weight-loss companies offer. 

Another choice for breakfast on the run is Atkins Morning Start Breakfast Bars, which are available eight delicious flavors. 

Atkins has always believed in providing low-carb enthusiasts with the products they most want and wish . Its approach may be a scientifically validated nutritional strategy for weight control and better health supported controlling carbohydrate consumption.

Today, Atkins continues to supply exciting new products, all building on the brand's rich history.