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Keeping it off 

Our first weight loss article on this subject addressed losing one pound per week, which is achievable for everyone . this text deals with keeping weight off after you break down , or controlling weight. there's little point in browsing with a diet and changing your exercise regime only to ascertain the load return; that's demoralizing and exactly what happens to people that plan to reduce too rapidly. If you weigh 200-pounds and need to urge right down to 150 pounds it's getting to take 50 weeks to realize it and sustain your new weight. 

Controlling Weight 

Controlling weight means having to find out two sets of behavior: weight loss and weight maintenance. consistent with some health professionals, weight maintenance is that the harder . Only a 3rd of the people that reduce are ready to keep it off. Long-term success depends upon continuing the great eating and exercise habits you developed while losing weight. So don't allow yourself to urge into a regime that's too vigorous because you're unlikely to be ready to keep it up. Vigorous diets work but usually they only work to require the load off then become unsustainable and within a brief period of your time the load returns. 

Set Sustainable Goals 

Now is the time to line sustainable goals and to satisfy that criteria your goals got to be realistic. Losing one pound (450 grams) hebdomadally shouldn't prove too difficult. I once heard comedian Billy Connolly say: "Losing weight is easy; all you've got to try to to is eat less and move more." i do not think anybody has ever stated a more obvious fact. So ask yourself whether you'll eat a touch less and move more every day , if the solution is yes and your will power is robust enough then you'll haven't any problem losing weight. 

It will take time to form these new habits a part of your life. still modify your behavior by: 

1. Accepting the very fact that it takes your stomach about 20 minutes to urge the message to your brain that it's full. most of the people continue eating long after they need had sufficient. 

2. Never drink beer, or carbonated waters like Coke, Pepsi or anything that fizzes together with your meal. Beer prevents the breakdown of fat. 

3. it's better to possess five or six small meals than one big meal. 

4. Eat slowly and chew each bit of food. 

5. Stop eating before you are feeling full. Be prepared to require a twenty minute break before deciding if you've got eaten enough. 

6. If you become hungry between meals then eat a bit of fruit or a raw carrot. 

Reward Yourself 

By losing weight you're achieving an ambition and achievement deserves reward. Just don't reward yourself with food. New clothes are an honest incentive, a visit to stage or a sporting event or anything that you simply will see as a gift .. 


You do not need to hand over any food that you simply like, unless it's extremely high fat content, it's just a matter of reducing the quantity that you simply eat. this will be achieved in some ways . I nominate one thing every day that's off the menu for that day. Say potatoes: I don't substitute potato, I just leave a niche on my plate that it always fills. That way I reduce my calorie intake and my extra light exercise also burns further calories. Y'know Billy Connolly is true . It works. the ultimate decision is usually yours and only you've got the power to ascertain it through but if you're reading this text then you're a minimum of brooding about it. Lowering your weight and increasing your fitness not only prolongs life, it makes life more fun. 

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