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Looking better and feeling great could also be their own rewards once you reduce , but it never hurts to reward yourself for reaching goals and sticking to your eating plan. Building in incentives may be a time-honored way of helping keep yourself on target . Did you pass up that piece of cheesecake at lunch? Reward yourself with a pot of fresh herbs! Did you get out and exercise for your daily half-hour? Take an expensive bath with scented oils. Went the entire week without slump your new routine? That involves an enormous reward! Treat yourself to a night out, or buy that book you have been dying to read. 

Need some excuses for rewarding yourself? Try setting one among these goals to offer yourself something to shoot for: 

1. Weight loss goals. 

Pretty traditional here - treat yourself to something special whenever you'll mark off ten pounds toward your goal weight. Get a manicure to form you are feeling phenomenal . 

2. Look, Ma, I dropped an entire size! 

Well, that certainly involves buying yourself something therein new size, albeit it's just a pair of latest exercise sneakers! 

3. Whew! I made it ALL the way through the half-hour workout no end ONCE! 

Now that's impressive! Call your ally or your mom and brag -or just chat. albeit it's long distance. 

4. I didn't do it! That chocolate chip cookie dough sundae was calling my name, but I turned my back and walked away. 

In that case, don't you think that you deserve fresh flowers for your 


5. I finally fit into THAT dress! 

I'd say that involves wearing it out somewhere special, wouldn't you? Take yourself out dancing to point out it off! 

6. I lost weight for the third week during a row. I'm so pleased with myself! 

Here's an ongoing reward - for each pound you lose, drop a dollar or two into a jar, and watch the cash build up. Entertain yourself with plans on how you'll spend it once you reach your goal weight. 

7. I got stuck for 3 weeks, but I finally budged from that plateau! 

I'll tell you what - sticking to a diet when you are not seeing results is one among the toughest things that you're going to ever do. Get yourself something which will make it easier to reward yourself. for instance , buy a blender for whipping up frozen fruit smoothies. 

8. I'm halfway there! 

You deserve a Halfway Party, don't you think? Pull out all of your old fat clothes and check out them on so you'll feel great about how far you've 


9. i have been footslogging away forever, and i am beginning to get 


Okay, so it's n't a 'reward' situation -- but it is. You deserve a gift for sticking thereto this long. need a quick pick-me-up? devour the phone and obtain along side someone you haven't seen in months.This will guarantee that you’ll receive compliments at how great you look! 

10. I did it! I made it! I reached my goal weight!! 

Well, sweetheart, that involves coitus interruptus the stops! Remember that cash you have been paying yourself for losing weight? Time to cash it certain something fabulous! 

Eating healthy and losing weight are gifts that you simply give yourself, though they'll not desire it initially . By rewarding yourself along the way, you’ll not only increase the probabilities of your success, but you’ll enjoy the method an entire lot more!