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Recovering From Your Weight Loss Surgery


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When you are recovering from your weight loss surgery you'll presumably get on a strict diet. Your diet will contains three to four phases designed to urge your new stomach working and back to digesting solid food.

The first phase is true after surgery and for up to four days. this is often the clear liquid foods phase. On liquids you'll drink water, Gatorade, clear drink mixes, broth, Jell-O and the other clear fluids you'll consider . It’s important to sip something almost constantly during this point so as to assist your body get enough liquids to heal and stay healthy.

After this phase you'll move onto a full liquids diet. Some could also be very excited to be ready to start on something more filling or some may find that their new stomach makes odd squelches at the thought. most are different and can start on subsequent phase at a special point. the complete liquids are shakes, and breakfast drinks and the other non-clear liquids that you simply can consider . you'll get on the complete liquids diet for a few of weeks.

The next two phases are often thought of in one group but really it’s the pureed foods phase

and the soft foods phase. In pureed foods your doctor or nutritionist may suggest that you simply try eating baby food to ascertain if you wish it. Also you'll puree things to form drinks with a shake like consistency. The important thing is to introduce your stomach to more foods but still work to form it as easy as possible for you to digest. In soft foods phase your prescription are going to be for foods that are easy to mush up in your mouth. This things are often mashed potatoes, oatmeal, scrambled eggs then on.