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Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals


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The problem with people that want to reduce is that they are overly ambitious. This desire to lose a huge amount of weight can only cause quitting early and large disappointments.

When it involves creating weight loss goals, start first by creating an extended term goal. Each goal you set should have mini-goals within it. this may keep you motivated and can function a barometer to your progress.

Here's an example weight loss goal chart. the most goal are often divided into smaller goals, then once more into even smaller goals which are descriptive and straightforward to accomplish.

More weight loss tips are often at the weight Loss Guide.

Main Goal: Lose enough weight so I can fit into my old pants within subsequent 6 months.

Goal #1. Reduce the quantity of food I eat.

Goal #1a. Decrease the quantity of food I eat. Don't super-size it anymore. Order the tiny fries rather than the massive fries. Order the smaller burger and chew it slowly.

Goal #1b. Order water, lemonade or Sprite rather than Pepsi.

Goal #1c. When getting to a restaurant, eat only until I'm not hungry, and take the remainder home to eat subsequent day.

Goal #2. Learn to exercise more.

Goal #2a. Take the steps at a mall or to my work, rather than taking the elevator all the time.

Goal #2b. Park a couple of parking spots further away when getting to the grocery .

Goal #2c. Whenever i buy out of bed or from lying down on a couch, do 2-3 mini sit-ups to lift myself upwards.

Goal #3. Watch what I eat.

Goal #3a. Begin counting the entire calories I absorb by writing the totals during a weight loss diary.

Goal #3b. Assure that I reduce my total fat or cholesterol intake to not exceed the quantity listed within the nutritional facts on the side of each foodstuff .