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Portion Control: Key To Maintaining Healthy Weight


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Good news for people hoping to regulate calories-the key might be your favorite snacks; as long as they have been portioned into 100-calorie or less packages.

Convenient, portion-controlled packages are new the market, but you do not need to buy processed foods to require advantage of this healthy trend.

For example, if sweet and juicy appeal to your taste buds, consider the orange. With only 80 calories, oranges are naturally portion-controlled, ready-to-go, juicy and refreshing. What's more, due to their high fiber and water content, oranges contribute to the sensation of fullness, which suppresses appetite and helps prevent overeating. 

Citrus may be a great-tasting thanks to make calories count by getting more nutrition in fewer calories.

Introducing kids to fruits and vegetables early in life shapes their behaviors in order that they choose these foods throughout life. a toddler who grows up nourished with wholesome fruits and vegetables will learn to prefer such foods. 

That's why Sunkist partnered with Sesame Street's "Healthy Habits for Life" initiative. They encourage young children and their families to determine an early foundation of healthy habits. 

Children and adults need a colourful sort of fruits and vegetables a day . Getting the right number of servings is straightforward if you fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables at every meal and make them your first choice as snacks.