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I don't even just like the word "exercise" anymore. just like the word "diet", which really just means what you eat, the meaning of the word "exercise" has changed. 

It once meant you were "physically moving your body for the sake of your health". that does not sound bad in the least . Unfortunately, it's come to represent activities that are mostly boring, repetitive, and unappealing. 

Movement is meant to be fun. It should be good for the soul also as for the body. 

Our bodies are meant to be in motion. To move , agile, busy, and filled with life. We weren't meant to take a seat on the couch all day any longer than we were meant to spend hours locked away in smelly gyms.

Time travel back to once you were a toddler . If you were like most youngsters , you were on the move all the time. it had been never called exercise. Who would have thought of such a thing? 

It was called PLAYING! And it had been fun. Children don't count calories. they do not force themselves to play for a particular amount of your time . They move around because they like it and it feels good. 

No pain, no gain - blechh. If lifting weights causes you to happy, more power to you. except for most of the people that gym membership is simply a waste of cash and another source of guilt. Life is simply too short to spend it being miserable. 

The solution? Play more. Have more fun.

Keep it simple. Make it easy. Just rise up and move your body around a touch every day . 

*Move in ways you're keen on . 

*Move to feed your soul and to feel vibrantly healthy. 

*Ratchet up the richness quotient in your life. 

*Treat yourself to fun and playful ways to maneuver about every day . 

*Fire the drill sergeant in your head and do what feels good. 

*Look for tactics to maneuver that make your heart soar happily .

Think back to childhood. what's an activity you liked doing then? Try that now only for fun. Some ideas…

*Toss a Frisbee around

*Learn karate again

*Take up skating or inline skating

*Dig out the old croquet set and play a couple of rounds

*Ride your bike round the neighborhood only for fun

*Splash around during a pool or lake

*Play some softball with friends

*Chase your dog round the yard

*Play golf 

*Jump around on a trampoline

*Make snow angels

*Play tag with the youngsters 

*Jump rope

*Build a sandcastle at the beach

*Spin a hula hoop

*Put on some music and go wild dancing during your house

*Go outside and dig around within the dirt

And some play ideas for adults…




*Belly dancing 






*Ice Skating 

*Ballroom dancing 


*Water Skiing 

*Tai Chi 





*Stretching in any way that feels good to YOUR body

And don’t forget the only choice of all of them . the simplest and most natural thing we do is walk. It's what our bodies are built for. No special equipment needed aside from an honest pair of shoes. 

It only takes half-hour of activity a couple of times every week to form a dramatic improvement in your health. sign up together with your body. What sorts of movement does it want to do? Just ask it and see what response you get. Then do this thing and see how great you are feeling . Your body is sensible . It knows exactly what it needs.