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Low carb diets are currently the foremost popularity sort of diet regimen getting used by many fitness conscious people. The low carb philosophy is taking the planet by storm as many people are now trying out this new diet within the hopes of losing excess weight and fat. 

Proponents of the low carb diet philosophy also are saying that apart from losing weight, it also has other inherent benefits. They said that it lowers cholesterol, helps control diabetes or completely stop it from developing in certain individuals. These are claims that appear to possess been supported by actual facts as followers of a coffee carb diet plan have reported an equivalent thing. 

This is well and good because it's an honest development to finally find a diet plan that's not only getting to assist you reduce but also will have very noticeable and significant medical benefits. 

But it cannot even be denied that there are many diet plans out there that are either not effective, bogus or maybe harmful and have a detrimental effect on one’s health. therefore the question also remains. Are low carb diets safe?

Not surprisingly there are certain arguments that are being presented against low carb diets and ultimately there also are moves to debunk the low carb diet philosophy. In fact, in 2004 a Canadian court made a ruling that foods that are sold within the country are prohibited from being marketed with reduced or no carbohydrate content. this is often because, because the court ruled, carbohydrates are seen as having no health risks. The ruling also stated tat all packaging that has and indication of “low carb” or “no carb” be phased out by 2006.

According to some critics and detractors of the low carb diet philosophy there are side effects to following this diet regimen. a number of the side effects of consuming low amounts of carbohydrates include ketosis. this is often a particular metabolic state that's characterized by headaches, nausea, tiredness, dehydration, and dizziness. there's also the emanation of an sweet-smelling breath odor. there's also an opportunity of constipation because dietary fiber is typically hamper within the prepared dishes. In fact, due to the prevalence of constipation among Atkins Diet followers, there's now a transparent guideline for the addition of fiber supplements during the induction stage.

The lowering of calories that are taken from carbohydrates and replacing them with calories taken from meat can also increase the likelihood of raising the intake of both saturated fat and cholesterol – and this might increase your chances of getting heart condition . it's also been a contention that with the lessened carbohydrate – increased protein intake the kidneys will need to work harder to flush out impurities within the body. there's also a marked change within the acidity levels of the blood which may end in bone loss. 

But consistent with trials made to prove the hypothesis, there was no evidence that following a coffee carb diet will damage the kidney or end in bone density loss.