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We all want to lose a couple of pounds and appearance great, especially through those summer months but the typical person doesn't achieve keeping those pounds off, if they lose the load in the least . the rationale for this is often that a lot of people follow the newest "celebrity" diets which are good for quick weight loss but aren't good for your health or for keeping the load off.

It is scientifically proven that if you follow a diet where you lose to much weight to quickly then you're starving your body of certain nutrients it needs, once you start moving towards eating a traditional diet your body will automatically store these nutrients within the body just in case this could happen again.

If you would like to reduce there are some golden rules you would like to follow

* Eat 3 meals each day 

* Eat less

* Eat healthy

* Eat from all the food groups (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat)

* Exercise

What we would like to realize is to still eat 3 meals each day , just in smaller quantites and with healthier food. Within the three meals we still need all the various food groups for our body to function correctly so we still need our protein, carbohydrates and our fats. Another important factor for losing weight is exercise, i do not mean running a marathon, but if you'll spare 20 or half-hour each day for a walk or a light-weight jog you'll certainly feel the advantages .

If you would like to lose the load quickly then it'll only last short term, if you set your goals and take some time losing the load correctly then you'll see the advantages for an extended time to return . Losig weight isn't almost physical looks, it's about mental well being and your future health.