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It Starts with Bed-DancingIt Starts with Bed-Dancing


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This “Bed-Dancing” concept often gets a couple of chuckles… but i would like you to remain with me on this one as I explain exactly what it's (and isn’t) and the way you'll incorporate this in your exercise routine today. 

I’ll begin by expressing how essential Bed-Dancing was in my life right after I had the RNY gastric bypass bariatric weight-loss surgery: VERY ESSENTIAL. That’s shooting straight from the hip!

Definition of Bed-Dancing: “the exercise activity that comes with established exercise movements while positioned on your back within the bed to attenuate the strain and strains on joints and muscles when an individual is morbidly obese.” this is often the simplest brief definition I could come up with since i'm nowhere near a Webster genius.

Right after my surgery, I knew that it had been important to maneuver MY BODY and start to exercise. the most important benefit I saw at the time was that it increased my blood circulation that was necessary to assist my surgical wounds to heal. This was my main motivation. And once I weighed 317 pounds, there was no way i used to be “eager” to include an exercise routine because my body was so large, and my arthritis so painful, I just couldn't bear putting such stress on my joints and muscles at that heavy weight. 

I had a plan to place on my favorite “high-spirited” CD (Latin music makes me desire dancing), placed on my sweats, and that i went into my bedroom as I announced to the household, “Don’t bother me for one hour….no matter what,” then shut the door. As i started to “dance” to the tunes, OH MY GOLLY… I couldn’t last quite five minutes! My incision hurt, my joints hurt, and that i collapsed on my bed, falling deeper in disappointment that I couldn't see myself achieving an exercise routine.

But soon, because the Latin CD kept spinning, I found myself “moving” to the music while i used to be in bed… WOW… I then thought, “Hey, I can DANCE on my BACK!” So with legs and arms within the air flailing sort of a floppy fish… I discovered how someone who weighed 317 pounds COULD exercise… but not the normal way… but by Bed-Dancing! Thus, the birth of my newly-found method launched me into a really SUCCESSFUL exercise routine that I could do often without putting stress on my joints!

But take care once you mention Bed-Dancing to others… they automatically begin to chuckle at what you call the quality “bed activity” now. (blushing yet?)

What you would like for Bed-Dancing:

• A bedroom with a bed and a bedroom door that you simply can shut so you'll bed-dance privately . make certain to announce to the household that this is often some time and that they are capable of getting along without you for a minimum of the length of a CD. If not, they're far too contingent you!

• A CD that excites you into “dancing”. A CD is best over a magnetic tape or radio because you'll “program” your music selection to skip, repeat, or play randomly your tunes consistent with what you would like to bop to.

• An exercise outfit like sweats, t-shirt and shorts, or maybe your slip. Since you’ll be behind closed doors, you'll wear whatever you would like . However, once you even have an “outfit” put aside for exercise, the mind gets geared and stays more focused on what you're telling it to do… and that’s EXERCISE.

• An attitude to try to to Bed-Dancing. this is often vital too. Keep you movements simple but aggressive, meaning that you simply aren’t making complicated moves together with your arms and legs, but rather you're making the straightforward moves during a forceful and deliberate way very much like a faucet dancer or dancer uses simple moves but with controlled and deliberate body disciplines.

So as you'll see, the equipment you would like for Bed-Dancing is minimal and low cost since you have already got most of what you would like as this stuff are probably already round the house. If you lack during a dancing CD, go get one… most cities have “used” CD shops. And as for your exercise outfit, you'll find sweats at your local thrift store. And if you wish Bed-Dancing in your “unmentionables”, that’s okay too…. Whatever works for you! 

Bed-Dancing helped me begin my “serious” exercise routine which eventually morphed into exercising on my feet and even to full-fledged real dancing again because the pounds fell off! I still Bed-Dance occasionally to urge me “started”, then I’m abreast of my feet and getting to town!