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Is Your Weight Stressing You Out?


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I have been asked recently, what's my secret for my weight loss.

I jokingly just say I quit eating. But i'm serious. Who says you want to eat 3 meals every day?

Did GOD tell Adam he must eat 3 balanced meals each day ? I even have also heard it said that to reduce you want to eat 3 meals a day. Wow, who comes up with these things .

What I even have found to be true altogether my current research is that this . most of the people who are over- weight; (and what percentage people does one know that aren't over weight, especially our children?) are overweight because their body is affected by mal-nutrition. you'll ask, how can someone 100lbs over their ideal weight be affected by mal-nutrition?

Folks, as we've all heard it repeatedly before, and this is often my opinion, there's nothing good in processed food. NaDa, zero, zilch. The box it's in may contain the maximum amount nutrition. **This may be a Major clue ** If it won’t start to rot on the way home from the shop , DON’T Buy IT!!! you'll put processed foods call at your garage for days and most bugs won’t touch it. HOW COME? i'm serious; try it with margarine. believe it! And at the best the entire food we do eat just has trace amounts of the minerals and vitamins our body needs.

Folks, this is often sense . If the foods we eat are dead, our body will just cry, and beg for more and more and more hoping that it's going to get something nutritional. That’s why we are always hungry. believe this. what percentage times each day does one put something in your mouth. Most folks don’t eat three meals per day. WE EAT all day long. The dish companies are becoming rich! Read my short tip on High Fructose syrup and do some research yourself.

GOD didn't design our gastrointestinal system to possess to process food all day long. Wow, what a brainstorm, Tedro is on to something. have you ever ever heard of FASTING? Just trick day every week (drink only water) and your body will rejoice.

Yes !! As I even have said before, we must supplement our diet with nutritional products preferably liquid (for absorption). Since I even have been training my body to simply accept the nutritional supplements i'm giving it, it's quit crying and begging for food and that i am literally not hungry most of the time. Wow! My grocery bill has been cut in half; so am i able to afford the nutritional products?

Check out a number of the various sources for delicious liquid whole food nutrition that I currently wear this site, join the corporate , buy wholesale, tell your friends and that i hope you'll be kind enough to use my name and ID numbers once you join the businesses . to start out on your road to an Abundant Healthy Living ACT today.

And in fact i need to add: like any nutritional supplements, these statements haven't been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All products on this site aren't intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The ingredients in these products provide many of the nutrients that are often missing in our food sources today.