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Is Eating Right All The Time Causing You Stress?

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Stress can stop your weight loss goals about the maximum amount as eating

a family size bag of Nacho chips and a 2-Liter bottle of pop


My approach to weight loss was in gaining my health. Losing

300 pounds wasn't the primary thing that occurred to me, but

rather “what could I do to urge healthy and eat right”. It was

a very strange approach as long as i used to be obviously clinically

obese and immediately needed some quick weight loss. 

I had no concept our body used food during a very specific manor

and that we could improve our energy levels by working with

the body, not against it. there have been some very specific rules

to follow, so being the great student I followed them. It

became a faith on behalf of me and as I preached it, I made many

people quite crazy. I became an outcast because I had to

prepare my food differently and wouldn't eat with the gang at

meal times. My food was prepared differently, eaten

differently and eventually I even came to ask food servers to

use different spatulas to flip my “veggie burger” from the


I followed the principles and that i increased my energy. i started eating

better and my energy levels increased enough that my weight

loss began and that i began to become lean and healthy.

Then the things hit the fan

Well, it hit their fan, not mine.

Friends began to speak behind my back about wanting the old Rob

back. In one instance, i used to be held down on a couch while cola

was poured into my mouth against my will. They wanted their

old funny, fat, lifetime of the party friend back, not this health

nut with of these food rules.

I think I first became conscious of being stressed about food at a

birthday party i used to be asked to attend. it had been a time of

celebration, but does one want to understand what i used to be thinking? 

“Do I or don’t I even have a bit of cake?”

“This is completely processed, unnatural food. No fiber, no

wholeness and it contained sugars, lard and every one sorts of other


I had an entire bunch of thoughts about how this is able to affect my

weight loss goals, my health and my eating habits.

I was weighing the thoughts of being socially acceptable

against the health choice of getting this one little piece of

cake. i assumed about losing them as friends if I didn't 

accept the cake and weighed it against the impact this poor

food choice was getting to wear my body. I had already lost

friends due to my food choices and that i really didn't want

to lose more.

I’m sure you’ve been there yourself, having to form a choice 

based on your social station vs your health. It’s a really quick

thought process, but you notice that your vital sign goes

up, your heart begins to beat faster, you start to sweat… you

know what I mean?

I ate the cake.

I felt like crap.

I felt like crap on many levels and that i was stressing about this

excessively. I felt bad that I had to form that choice during this 

manner. I felt bad because the sugar was surging into my

blood and that i felt bad because I “thought about this manner too


At some point, you would like to abandoning of it all.

There is energy in food; within the love and other people around you

that prepared the food and therefore the circumstances during which it’s

eaten. Never eat a meal once you are upset or sad because you

should be enjoying the meal and taking altogether the goodness in

what the world has delivered to your body. absorb all that

goodness and abandoning of all the strain .

Eat naturally the maximum amount as you'll and increase the quantity of

whole foods in your diet. Make a option to remove processed

foods and beverages like cola’s, fruit juices, coffee and

traditional teas. Eat with a smile on your face and provides 

thanks to everyone involved in bringing the meal, the

nutrition which energy into your body.

Then when the time is true , celebrate and luxuriate in the health

you’ve created.

There was a really dramatic shift in my life, my health and my

weight loss once I made the selection to enjoy some foods again.

I began to interrupt my very own rules and live my life. i started to

have fun with food and fun came back to my life.

Let go.