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5 Tips to Get More Results from Your Marketing Materials


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The moment i made a decision to specialize as an immediate response copywriter (which means you get a response directly from the marketing materials, there is no middle person involved, sort of a sales rep) I knew there would be one thing that might determine if i might be eating steak or eating mac and cheese.

And what is the one thing? The results I got for my clients.

Therefore, improving results became a reasonably big focus of mine. you would possibly even call it a passion. (Some people that aren't nearly as nice have called it in an obsession.) 

Regardless, here are 5 tips which will assist you improve the conversions of your marketing materials.

1. Know who you're lecture . If I hear anyone say "women are my potential customers" or "anyone with skin is my target market" (yes, that basically was an immediate quote from someone who sold Mary Kay or Arbonne or something like that) i will be able to send my border collies (all 3 of them) to your house and force you to play fetch with them until your arm falls off. Seriously, the quickest way you'll find yourself with the foremost dismal results imaginable is to undertake and ask everyone. Come up with a selected customer -- the more specific the higher -- and confirm your marketing materials speak on to that customer.

2. confirm you write benefits, not features. This one is perhaps the toughest one to "get" but also one among the foremost critical. People buy benefits, not features, so if you simply mention features you're just posing for people to not buy what you're selling.

So what's the difference between features and benefits? Features are an outline of a product -- as an example , if we're talking a few diet pill, a feature would that the merchandise may be a pill. A benefit would be the answer the merchandise provides -- during this case, losing weight. 

As much as you most likely can, write on why someone can purchase your product. nobody buys diet pills because they like taking pills, they buy them to reduce . consider the answer your product or service provides and write on that.

3. Work thereon headline. David Ogilvy, famous ad man and author of Confessions of an Advertising Man, has said that folks make the choice to read your marketing materials based your headline. 

Your headline should: a. speak to your potential customers, b. contain a benefit, c. be so compelling your target market is compelled to read further. That's tons to invite from basically a couple of words. So don't rush the method -- take the maximum amount time as you would like to make the absolute best headline for your particular piece. 

4. do not forget the decision to action. you've to inform people what to try to to next. If you do not tell them what you would like them to try to to , likelihood is that they will not do anything.

Don't assume your potential customers know what you would like them to try to to . they do not . they can not read your mind. Nor do they need to. They're busy people. they do not have the time or the energy to work things out. Tell them what to try to to next, or do not be surprised once they don't do anything.

5. Use P.S.'s or captions. Postscripts (P.S.) are the second most read item during a sales piece. what is the third? Captions. (The copy under photos, diagrams or other illustrations.) Now that you simply know that, consider the ways you'll use either or both of these items in your pieces. Maybe you set a special offer in there otherwise you highlight a very compelling benefit. otherwise you tell them again what you would like their next step to be. Whatever you are doing , don't waste that space.

If you even do exactly one among the following pointers , you ought to start seeing better results. Work on all five and you would possibly be amazed at what proportion your results improve.