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4 Secrets To Building An Engaging Brand Experience


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When you consider creating a replacement brand, it’s easy to believe advertising managers sitting around a room tossing around ideas with caffeine fueled creativity. However, often times, the foremost powerful branding comes from adding a touch “fun” to your brand experience.

Driven by the Burger King mentality, today’s customers want to try to to business their way on their time. they need to form their own choices. As business people, it’s our job to form sure then when customers are able to make their choice, our product or service is their top choice.

Below are five secrets to place some spark and imagination into your brand and make an unforgettable brand experience.

Secret #1: Tell Your Company’s Unique Brand Story

Television shows have long been a neighborhood of our culture. When viewers watch television shows, they see stories about characters that we relate to. Remember the Brady Bunch theme song? It tells the story of a stunning lady... well, you recognize how it goes.

Now imagine harnessing the facility of storytelling for your business! By sharing your brand story, you create a strong connection to your customers. They feel as if they know you. This brand story paints a colourful vignette of who you're , what vision you hold, and what experiences made you the corporate you're today. While your brand story won't be as catchy because the Brady Bunch tune, raving fans like to share stories of their favorite brands with others.

PartyLite may be a direct sales company that has done an outstanding job of weaving their brand story into their marketing message. hear the story of how this company got started.

“Mabel K. Baker, a young housewife, provided holiday candles for her friends. She hand-dipped candles from the wax of bayberry plants, which were plentiful on Cape Cod . From these humble beginnings, Colonial Candle of Cape Cod was established. In 1973, PartyLite was established to satisfy the will people have for home beautification, along side the ever-increasing need for extra family income.”

Now can't you only imagine Mabel sitting outside and turning her gaze over to the bayberry plants in her backyard! Surely a light-weight bulb went off in her head as she picked berries off the bush and harvested the wax to form gift candles for her dearest friends. A story like this causes you to desire once you get a PartyLite candle, that you simply are becoming quite a factory made product. Rather, you're getting a stunning crafted handmade candle. Great story and great marketing!

What's your brand story? does one have an exquisite story to inform about how your business was started? Was there a turning point in your company that shaped you into the organization you're today?

Secret #2: Make Your Brand a Household Name by Coining the Term

Why define your brand experience in terms we already use? Kleenex, Xerox, and Fed X are companies whose brand names have set the standards for his or her industry by becoming the coined terms to explain a tissue, making a replica , and overnight deliveries.

So how does one set about making your brand a household name?

Marla Cilley, aka “The FLY Lady” is an organizing super hero for moms across the county. She has turned her passion for tidiness into a nationally known brand.

How did she do it? By adding an oz of fun together with her own unique terms and philosophies. for instance , The FLY Lady stands for Finally Loving Yourself.

Fans of the FLY Lady know that she lives by three rules.

1) Don’t sweat the tiny stuff

2) Laugh everyday. albeit it's at yourself.

3) Love like there's no tomorrow.

If you visit her website at, you’ll notice that her brand is even reflected in a number of the names of the navigation links: Why FLY, FLYing Lessons, FLY Zone, Time FLYs when, FLY FAQ, FLY Library, Join FlyLady Now, Ask FlyLady, and therefore the FlyShop.

Secret #3: Add Your Unique Brand of Humor

Humor has the facility to rework a standard product into a fun experience for the entire audience. Recently I saw a billboard for Red Stripe “The Great Jamaican Beer” that delivers an unforgettable quirky message.

The Jamaican spokesperson is wearing a black tuxedo and says, “Red Stripe - the beer within the short stubby ugly bottle. If ugly people stand next to a Red Stripe they appear beautiful.”

He speaks to a person who is sitting next to him, “You sir, would you say that you simply are ugly?

(Pause) you're VERY ugly!”

The man who is sitting down replies a touch confused, “Well i do not know...”

The spokesperson hands him a beer and says, “Here hold this Red Stripe.”

The man says, “Okay.”

The spokesperson says, “Look, you're beautiful!” (Obviously implying that just by holding this beer this formerly “ugly” man is transformed into being beautiful.)

Spokesperson says enthusiastically, “Red Stripe, it's beer. Hooraaaayy Beer!”

The man cheers, "Hooray Beer."

The spokesperson adds at the top , "…says the gorgeous man."

The point is, that although you'll haven't heard of Red Stripe beer before, this funny commercial really sticks in your mind. albeit we aren't beer drinkers, this commercial is unquestionably creating front room conversations in homes across the country.

That’s how a funny campaign can instantly turn a replacement or unknown product into a national phenomenon.

You should inspect this very funny commercial online at their website here:

Secret #4: Create your own Catch Phrases and Own Quotes

If you type the words “inspirational quotes” into Google, you'll see that there are 1,130,000 listings. Quotes are hot! So why not tap into the facility of quotes and catch phrases for your business?

Go back in your mind to the “Where’s the Beef” commercials from Wendy’s. That was a fun series of engaging commercials that had the entire country asking themselves, “Where’s the Beef?”.

And believe Donald Trump’s “Your Fired!” I’m sure that he had no concept his show, “The Apprentice” would begin the way it did and become the “in thing.”

When you create a hot catch phrase or quote, you’ll find your words shooting up on websites, in blogs, talked about in elevators, written on bathroom walls, and within the most unexpected placed.

Take a flash to step back and really check out your company’s brand. With a touch imagination, you'll transform buying your product or service into a fun, one-of-a-kind brand experience that your customers will always remember .