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3 Reasons Postcards Are The Best Way To Advertise


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When I say postcard, maybe you think that of the quaint , jagged edged dull pieces of card stock. Think again! Today's postcards are vibrant, high-impact creations with computer graphics so real that it will get down the page at you. and therefore the neatest thing about them...

1. They're Short and private 

Let's face it, people just do not have time to sort through tons of advertisements and spam . If the reality be known, they immediately identify ads and pitch them into the trash without ever slitting the envelope.

Postcards get read! It's already open, and therefore the message is "in your face" without exerting any effort to soak up it. albeit the reader isn't trying to read it, he'll get the impact of the short message before he tosses it.

Personal messages have a greater appeal than mass mailings. Postcards keep the old time charm of a private greeting while implement new high tech marketing strategies... a mixture for fulfillment .

2. They're Easy and price Effective

Hey even the postage for a postcard is cheaper! attend your printer and have them print you up several thousand for 7 or 8 cents apiece. Not too bad! For about 30 cents you've got a leading edge , high impact marketing tool able to be put to use.

You don't even need to bother with putting them within the mail. Many print warehouses will lookout of it for you. Hey, what might be easier?

3. They Keep Your Marketing Strategy Hidden From Competitors

Do you get uninterested in spending countless hours agonizing over new marketing strategies, only the have your competitors jump right in and ape your campaign? Yeah, it's pretty frustrating, but hard to try to to anything about. Everything you are doing is true ahead of them shouting "Copy Me."

Postcards are private interactions with the individuals who read them. it is a one-on-one campaign that allows you to keep the results quiet from prying eyes. Heck, they will not even know what you're doing, much less the way to copy it.

There's another sneak tactic that i have never mentioned yet... using postcards to direct traffic to your Website. That's right! Most folks think we'd like to use Internet marketing tools to approach our Internet sales. NOT SO! that is what everyone else is doing, but believe it. A postcard together with your slogan and visual information that directs the reader to your Website... yeah, let's hope the competition doesn't catch on for quite while!

There's not another marketing campaign which will guarantee one hundred pc readership! It just is sensible that when more people read your ad, it'll be simpler . Use postcards to plug and calculate a high response rate!