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3 Proven Methods For Turning Away Customers and Losing Money


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Are you your own worst marketing enemy? Hey, I'm sure you would not intentionally turn customers away... but we all make mistakes. within the following article you will find some tried and true ways to lose sales and kiss your profits goodbye!

1. Distract Them

You know what I'm talking about. you have been to sites where there have been plenty of clickable links. you begin clicking away, get 10 screens open... and yeah, you forget which is that the original site and why the heck you were there within the first place!

This one is particularly true for Internet marketers. Let me ask you... what percentage clickable links are on your Web page? Don't send your customers to other places before you've made a purchase . Once an opportunity heads out for greener pastures, they'll probably never find their way back. 

2. Give Them An Unpleasant Surprise

You've probably made a sale , got set to write down the check and discovered extra fees that you simply weren't relying on paying. nobody even mentioned them until you were sitting there with pen in hand. Maybe it had been that vacation package you have been dreaming about for a short time . You're left with a choice... grin and bear it, or walk off without the holiday .

Nothing leaves a nasty taste during a customer's mouth like eleventh hour add ons to the worth they pay. Yeah, sometimes they are going ahead and undergo with the acquisition , but next time they'll consider before they trust you to offer them the important scoop on the worth ... if they ever return. 

Be up front! Are you getting to charge shipping? Don't wait until they've already made the acquisition . allow them to know right up front. once they already know it's a part of the deal, they will not have a drag with the fees.

3. Confuse Them

Eenie meenie minie moe... have you ever ever been there... which item is that the better buy and therefore the right one for you? It might be that you simply walked out without making up your mind, thinking you'd return later. But now for the biggie...Did you create it back?

Customers who leave without making the acquisition are at high risk for changing their minds about making the acquisition in the least . That's why it is vital to stay the choice as simple as possible. Make it a "yes" or "no" choice and you have effectively guaranteed they walk out with the item during a bag. 

The marketing place is competitive enough without making things tough on the customer. These three keys to sending customers away, are keys you'll be wanting to observe out for. Don't make the error of wiping out your own profits.