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Do it Right.

I receive postcards all the time. the opposite day I received a postcard trying to sell me a replica machine. It had tiny, tiny lettering slathered everywhere the front and an outsized portion of the rear of the cardboard .


It was extremely hard to read, so hard actually that I threw it away. 

Several days later I received a postcard with 32 words thereon telling me that I could get complete information on unrestricted long distance telephone company for five .5 cents a moment with no additional monthly fee by calling the 800 number on the cardboard . 

I did call. I got the knowledge , had my questions answered and ordered my long distance service changed. 

The company who offered me the long distance service was employing a time tested 2 step selling process: 

Step 1. Generate a lead - Get me to call their 800 number.

Step 2. Provide the requested information - Provided to me on the phone by one among their sales representatives, who was ready to answer my questions and make me feel confident that I could save quite little bit of money on my long distance bill which the service would be nearly as good or better. 

What's So Good About 2 Steps?

It is much easier to make interest (a lead) than it's to urge an individual through a whole buying process (a sale). 

You aren't getting the prospect or existing customer to spare any money just yet.


You can use postcards to inexpensively promote to your target prospects and customers and generate leads (inquiries about your products and services) to then be followed abreast of and converted to sales. 

This 2 step process also helps you to make an inventory of individuals who were interested enough in what you offered to contact you. 

You can then recontact the one's who you didn't complete a purchase with once they first inquired, preferably until they are doing buy from you.


IMPORTANT: make certain to urge the knowledge you'll got to recontact the people that skilled your postcard offering. 

Repetitive follow-ups with the people that contacted you'll end in increased sales. Make it a corporation policy to follow up with those people that contacted you about your products and services. 

The Most Effective Use of Postcards:

The purpose of your postcard's message is to urge a sufficient level of interest within the mind of your prospect to get him/her to contact you to ask you about your offer. 

You are generating interest, not collecting their money (not yet anyway). that's what the two step marketing process is about. Generating interested prospects and customers who contact you for more information. 

Your message needs 3 parts to be most effective: 

1. a transparent statement of the most important advantage of your product or service (in the long distance example, it had been cost savings). 

2. an honest reason for them to contact you NOW. 

3. A simple, easy way for them to reply (an 800 number for example). 

Your message should be short and to the purpose . Short messages on postcards produce more leads than long ones. 

For example: 

Call 800-555-1212 for Your Copy of Our Free Report: 

What 99% of Business Owners do not know and can Never determine About Using Postcards to Explode Their Profits 

Offer ends 5-5-01 (Print a date 3 weeks from your mailing date to make some urgency)

Lots of people will answer determine what they could not know. do not forget , they responded, which is least some interest within the information you've got created a curiosity about. 

This method works and is certain to supply an outsized number of inquiries if sent to your proper market. 

This 2 Step Marketing Process Works.

Use the ideas you've got read here to make your next postcard's message and see what happens. 

You will generate a bunch of leads from people that are truly curious about your products and services.