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Indian Food as Part of a Weight Loss Regime


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Most people think that you simply can’t possibly eat Indian food, if you’re on a slimming diet. That’s a good statement if you usually eat Indian food in restaurants, because many traditional Indian recipes involve either deep frying or the utilization of ghee (clarified butter). However, if you cook Indian food reception , it can easily form a part of a weight loss regime, just an equivalent as the other food. you only got to follow a couple of simple general rules.

- Avoid altogether recipes which involve deep frying. 

- If you would like to seal meat before braising it for a curry, use an honest non-stick pan and a sprig bottle with sunflower or oil in it. Lightly spray the surface of your pan with oil which should be enough to stop the meat from sticking while you brown it.

- If a recipe includes cream or coconut milk , substitute plain yoghurt and another flavouring to exchange the coconut.

Tandoori recipes are great as a part of a coffee calorie or low carbohydrate diet. Just marinade some fish (cubed or whole), chicken (cubed or in pieces) or prawns (shrimp) during a mixture of low fat plain yogurt, ground turmeric, ground coriander, ground cumin, crushed garlic, grated root ginger and a touch chilli powder (or to taste) for a minimum of an hour. If you’re using cubed meat, thread onto skewers. Grill or barbeque with a medium heat until done. Serve with mixed salad and wedges of lemon to squeeze over. If your diet isn’t too severe, you'll even have a pitta bread, a potato or some boiled rice with this.

Curry dishes are fine too (preferably fish or chicken). If you employ a recipe which has just a spice and water base or a tomato base, it certainly won’t do your calorie intake any harm but make certain to stay the oil you employ for frying onions, spices or whatever, to an absolute minimum.

For vegetarians or those trying to chop down on meat due to its relatively high calorie content, Indian cooking is right . There are numerous recipes for vegetables and pulses which are really tasty that you simply won’t even know you’re on a diet!

Don’t forget paneer (Indian cottage cheese), which may be cooked as per the tandoori idea above, or during a spicy sauce. If you can’t get paneer, try substituting tofu.

Here’s to a slim new year!

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