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In America today, it's estimated that over 65% of the population is overweight with around 30% being a minimum of clinically obese. Even more alarming is that the estimation that 15% to twenty of the country’s children are overweight with nearly one third being a minimum of clinically obese. 

Now quite ever, something must be done to reverse this growing trend and stop it from becoming a good bigger epidemic than it already is. By sitting back and allowing our youngsters to become overweight and eventually obese, we are in effect severely shorting their lives. 

The main ingredient in helping to eliminate child obesity is recognition. As parents, we will not take the stand that it's healthy for our youngsters to be round and plump. Yes they have to eat enough to be healthy and to grow properly, but we must know where to draw the road between what's a healthy weight and what's excessive weight.

Often, parents will push food on their children with the thought that they have more food because they're growing. the very fact is however, the energy expenditure required for growth accounts for less than around 2% of their daily energy expenditure. With this in mind, a child’s appetite should be taken under consideration when determining what proportion they have to eat. 

Over eating is more of a learned thing than one that just develops on its own. Children, very similar to adults, if given a well diet with limited access to food and nutriment , will eat all they have and stop once they are done. Forcing them to eat beyond that time , also as giving them the maximum amount food and nutriment as they need , only teaches them to over eat from an early age. This habit then usually carries over into their adult lives.

Sometimes when a parent does notice that their child is overweight, they're going to attempt to push diets on them that are too low in calories. this is often not good for them either. They still need a particular amount of calories for his or her growth and restricting their calories an excessive amount of can interfere with the traditional growth process. it's better here to easily bring them back to the right amount of calories they ought to be getting. Since they were over eating before, getting to a traditional amount of food will make them lose the additional weight just fine.

Last but never least, lack of exercise is a component of the rationale that numerous children get fat. the typical school kid today spends longer watching TV and playing video games than they spend in class . Even once they are in class , most youngsters only get around 60 to 90 minutes maximum of education per week. 

The bottom line here is, if we don’t stop over feeding our youngsters , and that we don’t limit their intake of food and nutriment , and that we don’t limit their TV and computer game time and obtain them more active, we'll be creating a plague of obesity for our youngsters which will reach truly epic proportions.