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Getting to Know Your New Reflection


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It’s a fact: Overweight or Obese people don't LIKE mirrors or ANYTHING that reflects back to them on how others probably see them physically. Many heavy people go as far as removing all full-length mirrors throughout their range in the plan to avoid seeing their reflection and finding more reasons for self-loathing. They think that removing the complete reflection will ease a number of the tough self-criticism. The reflection of (say it with me) “from here up” (your hands below the chin to suggest rock bottom line) is that the only thing an important person wants to ascertain reflected back. 

This is what I did for years, and to my DEMISE at that! Had I kept a better view on my reflection, maybe I wouldn’t have let the pounds pile on as they easily did for therefore long. But that's my 20/20 hindsight, as they often say, right? 

The first thing I did after my surgery was buy an inexpensive $12 full-length mirror so I could “keep an eye” on how my body was changing. OH, let me tell you, how I cringed at the reflection I saw! I wiped tears faraway from my eyes as I knew that NOW I had the tool through the RNY bariatric weight loss surgery to urge obviate the surplus weight. But it had been a tough reality to face that reflection.

But because the pounds kept dropping, i started to find out to like my new reflection. Sure, I saw draping skin, lack of tone, and countless other flaws I could list to fill a replacement York City phonebook; but the great news was that i used to be losing weight and my body was shrinking! 

And not only did I learn to understand the reflection during a full-length mirror, I also learned to prevent AVOIDING reflective glass! There wont to be each day once I would walk past an enormous store window as fast as I could so I couldn’t see myself within the glass’ reflection… and that i certainly didn’t want others seeing it either! As i used to be losing my weight so rapidly, I came the habit of stopping and truly watching myself in reflective glass at the shop , a restaurant, and even marble walls in offices. My husband appeared to , one day, “had enough” of this behavior and came right out and said to me, “You are getting too vane!” As shocked as i used to be that he didn’t understand me, I said, “I’m not vane… I even have to form sure that it’s really ME in there… I don’t know what the NEW ME seems like half the time.” He then slumped in semi-shame at his remark and agreed that it’s even hard for him to stay up with how the new-me appears. one more reason why we don’t recognize ourselves is because our shrinking wardrobe changes so often, we don’t’ know it’s us in those clothes! 

To further prove now of not recognizing our own reflection, i would like to share the subsequent “capsule” that illustrates now perfectly. This was one experience that a lover of mine had:

She says, “I want to a restaurant for an enormous birthday celebration. Across the space , I saw a lady who looked so familiar to me. I couldn’t stop watching her, and that i noticed she stared back at me tons too. I asked my husband if he knew who the lady was across the way, but he couldn’t locate who i used to be talking about. I grew more and more intrigued with this woman who I knew for a certainty that I knew her from somewhere. because the night progressed, I noticed that she even had some relations who looked familiar to me… then the sunshine BULB went off…. i used to be watching MYSELF within the REFLECTION OF THE MIRRORED WALL! mention embarrassed! i need to have spent an honest half-hour wondering who that woman was, and every one along it had been ME!”

As you still reduce , your reflection will change, and you’ll need to check out it again and again at the danger of appearing vane to others. Like I told me husband that day he called me “vane”, I further explained that at some point my image will remain unchanged by weight loss and that i won’t got to look as often since I can recognize myself. 

So if you haven’t yet done so, get a full-length mirror in your home and take a glance at yourself hebdomadally . Learn to acknowledge every curve, bump, bulge, etc. Then as you downsize in your body, you’ll appreciate it more because you’ll know the previous you better then had you not learned to seem at your reflection.