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Join Clash 3D for android


 A legendary 3D adventure racing game that will give you a feeling of intense action until the end. Run, crash and win

Assemble your gang, run with the crowd and take on the opposing team.

Gather the biggest crowd
Start running alone and gather people on your way to create a mega crowd. You can lead your team through all kinds of moving, turning and expanding obstacles. Calculate your movements while you run and save as many people as possible.

Run while crossing obstacles
Let's see where you can go in this crazy race for survival! Dodge swinging axes and smash huge bodies! Avoid wild circular saws, killer red buttons, and a sharp chasm to reach the finish line.

Win the final commitment
Run with the crowd until you reach the castle at the end of the level. Crush your opponents in the final battle and capture the castle.

How to play

Gather the biggest crowd you can
Run over obstacles
Collect the keys
Get into a wall to wall crash
Gang Fight Against Bosses
Seized castles
Save your life in gangster clash

Game features

City Survival Game
Many unique levels
Deadly traps and impossible obstacles
Clear and bright graphics
Ultra smooth scrolling control
Rewards and gifts

There are also more levels, cleverly made traps and obstacles along the way.




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