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There are many reasons why you'll wish to lose body fat. Among the highest are to easily look better and improve your overall health. Losing weight should be considered an extended term proposition. Quick weight loss plans can assist you reduce but won't offer you the long run results you crave and deserve. 

I want "instant" not "fast"! 

Fat are going to be lost in any diet where the calorific intake is less than expenditure. However these "crash" diets and low-energy diets will end in a muscle loss additionally to the fat burned. it's estimated that the utmost fat a typical physical body can burn in anybody week is 2 pounds. this suggests that any weight loss over and above 2 lbs during a week are going to be mainly muscle or water. 

Crash dieting slows down your metabolism . If you do not eat enough food your ancient survival instincts take over and therefore the body enters "starvation mode". during this mode the rate slows to conserve energy and thus the speed at which weight is lost is reduced. Thus ultimately less fat is burned using "crash" methods. 

In addition the body has lost muscle during this crash phase. Muscle burns calories and therefore the more muscle, the more calories and burned. Crash dieting therefore delivers the double whammy of a drop by metabolic weight and a drop by calorie burning muscle tissue.

This is the rationale why numerous dieters who depend on fad diets regain weight quickly after losing it. the sole safe reliable and future thanks to reduce weight is to try to to it over a period of your time .

A gradual reduction in calories maintains muscle tissue, burns only fat and allows you to take care of a healthy lower weight within the future.