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Is the motive that there was an increase in obesity because of the fact that adults in today’s society are lazy? Are we all just a bunch of lethargic couch potatoes that don’t do some thing but sit round and consume all the time? I say no. Rather we are a product of our modern, technological society. I am now not saying we are able to blame technology, as an alternative i'm announcing that as with our young people, the adults also are a reflection of the society that surrounds them. It isn’t an excuse, however it's miles a thought I contemplated based on my common day. 

     I arise within the morning, no longer to the sound of an hectic buzz, beep, or the blaring of the radio. These alarms might get my blood racing proper from the start, however i might hit snooze to stop the madness. Then it would take place once more, and once more, the snooze bar. After some instances of this i am would now be late for work, rush to the bathe if I even had time, rush to the car, and velocity off to work. No longer in today’s world. Alternatively, I wake to the soothing sound of the ocean on my Homedics radio and slowly wake peacefully. No blood pumping, no accelerated heart fee. I simply have a pleasant and slow, clean awakening. Next I head to the bathe in which I positioned switch on my shower CD participant and pay attention to some thing that I revel in whilst I take my time letting the water nearly run bloodless. 

     Throughout my toweling off and getting dressed period of the morning, i can pay attention my espresso being made on the espresso maker this is set to make me a cup each morning with me now not having to do a thing. Even as I sit down and drink my espresso pondering the day beforehand of me, I word that it's far almost long gone, so I gently push a button on my key ring that starts my vehicle and receives it first-class and heat for me earlier than I even get to it. I will then take my leisurely walk to my automobile, get in, and feature a nice non violent power to paintings (barring any unexpected road rage).  Not anything like earlier than once I had to run to my automobile due to the fact i used to be late maximum of the time because of the annoyance of my alarm or run because it became bloodless after which get in and shake and shiver for 10 mins until it warmed up. 

     As soon as at paintings I find myself doing away with my PDA and seeing what is on my schedule for the day. Nope, no more flipping through pages of my pocket calendar or scheduler. My paintings day is straightforward and uneventful, however rather of getting to run back and forth thru the workplace to get messages to everyone, i'm able to now surely send an interoffice e-mail with the frenzy of a button. While it's time to go away, I once more start my car from my workplace and power home. 

     Arriving at domestic, I put in a microwave dinner that doesn’t must be chopped up, break up, stirred, blended, kneaded, poked, or even prodded. Push some buttons and five mins later i'm sitting in the front of the tv watching the indicates I recorded on my cable’s digital recorder and ingesting my 5 minute, nuked meal. Could i've completed this within the beyond? The answer is not any, due to the fact i would have needed to bodily make some thing to eat, and there wouldn’t be anything on tv worth looking, so i might devour and move do some thing like backyard paintings, smooth the house, play with the children, some thing, just something else to occupy the time. Oops, at the same time as i was eating, I were given some crumbs at the ground and then dropped a few greater at the manner back to the kitchen. Oh nicely, i'm able to just push the button on my robotic vacuum purifier and let it smooth the entire floor as it is preprogrammed to do. 

     Finally, my day is coming to an stop and in preference to doing something certainly constructive before I go to bed, i'm able to’t resist the opportunity to surf the internet for a bit while, maybe chat to a few buddies or loved ones, and take a look at my electronic mail. Except, I must plug in my PDA to the computer anyway. Now my lazy or technologically dysfunctional day is entire.

     This whole story brings me again to my query that started out the whole lot. Am I lazy or am I only a product of my surroundings. It's far this author’s opinion that i'm both. Years in the past, even the easy such things as making the dinner could be exercise, but now it's far too clean due to the fact it's miles executed for you in a box. The whole lot these days is easy and maximum adults are on the heavy aspect, because things are less complicated and don’t take as a good deal power. That doesn’t imply we in society are lazy, it means we don’t need to exert ourselves as much to accomplish the every day workouts that are wanted to finish the day. However, I could forestall through the fitness center on my way home, or cross for a stroll after dinner, so i am additionally lazy too. The internet simply pulls me in night after night and i can’t seem to make myself do whatever else after dinner. Shame on you generation for containing that gun to my head!

Brad G. Morris