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Teaching a quick response to commands

Teaching a quick response to commands

Teaching A Quick Response To Commands

You reference, “training collar” several times. I've in all likelihood unnoticed this, however what do you imply through training collar? Is it a pinch collar or one that provides a shock? To this point i have used your strategies with a first rate deal of success. We use the “get busy” command to make the canine relieve himself. After three days, it really works thoroughly. The canine sits properly, too. He nonetheless wishes a hand signal occasionally. We’re presently operating on the down function. Your e-book has been an notion. A further question: We lately had an invisible fence established. The dog is 15 weeks vintage. How soon should we begin to use this? He's a 33 pound “English” yellow Lab.


Expensive Brian:

Thank you for the e-mail.

Sure, in popular I’m speaking approximately the pinch collar once I talk to the training collar.

In regard to the to take a seat command: You must first issue the command THEN the correction. Don’t wait to look if the canine’s going to do it or he’ll discover ways to WAIT to peer if you’re going to correct him. In different phrases, you grow to be teaching your canine that a sluggish response to commands is ok. And this is not our intention. Our goal must be to train the dog that he need to respond speedy and immediately.

Once he’s one hundred% conditioned to reply speedy on every occasion… and he continually beats you to the correction… then you may stop.

As a ways as the electronic fence… I’d likely wait until he’s 6 to 7 months.