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Teaching english in spain

Teaching English in Spain

The intercontinental attitude of the Spanish-speaking country of Spain reflects in the sum of foreign languages which are frequently and commonly spoken. It is not atypical to find a Spaniard speaking four or more tongues and it is rather common to find others speaking two or three somewhat easily. The Spaniards desire to study foreign languages has significantly increased all through the past ten years. Today, more than twenty-thousand English teachers work and teach in Spain, and the number doesnt even appear to be adequate to meet the demand.

Teaching English in Spain for those who have a TEFL certificate may find work straightforwardly in a short period of time and start work almost instantly, of course depending on which part in Spain one wants to teach and live. Even some major cities have great shortage of English teachers that some schools accept those without formal experience. Spain is probably one of the countries in Europe that has so many language schools, providing English lessons for both adults and children.

Regardless of the shortage, teaching English in Spain for qualified teachers may not seem to be that rewarding, with salaries that range between 400 to 600 sterling monthly, it can be measured as a low pay considering the high demand. A number of schools would offer board and lodging which supplements the pay or give subsidized accommodations, but majority will offer nothing but a wage.

In all situations, teaching hours will be long, with nearly all contracts agreed upon for every school term. The same as with every school, standards differ and for those who plan teaching English in Spain should as much as possible cautiously scrutinize an offer before signing any contract.

Nearly all foreign international schools of language have divisions in Spain, to name a few are the International House, Linguarama, and Berlitz. Generally, those who apply for jobs in these language schools are required to go through the schools own teacher training programme.

The importance of a spanish childs learning good English is well recognized, which commonly becomes the reason for parents to demand English teachers that can teach their children especially during summer months. This is another great opportunity for teaching English in Spain, where private tutoring fees average between 4 to 10 sterling per hour, depending on the prevailing demand.

Teaching English in Spain can be both a challenge as well as a good opportunity for those who have considered living and working in Spain, just be open to the idea that one may find it essential or pleasing to supplement the school teaching income with private tutoring.