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Teach your dog commands in this order

I purchased your ebook approximately  weeks ago. Ultimately, someone has written a schooling ebook that makes experience. Appropriate activity...Wager it took a whole lot of time to put it all collectively, huh?

The reason i'm writing to you is because i'm stressed approximately some things that deal with teaching the down/stay and sit down/live. Tell me if this appears like i have it proper:

First, educate her (the dog) a way to do the command doing repetitions and putting her in an appropriate position right away after announcing the command. Then, running up to the point you can just get up directly and feature her respond.

Subsequent, paintings up distance and time then add distractions and practice in extraordinary places.

Sooner or later, visit the lengthy line after which the tab to get reliability off-leash.

[Adam:] actually, you have to begin proofing for distractions first, then pass to more distances... However only progress to more distances with the lengthy line. With out the lengthy line, guess what might show up?

That is how I understand the system from what i've read in your ebook.

Ought to I circulate directly to the following step as soon as my canine plays the command quickly and efficaciously for one education consultation or preserve drilling her with out adding something new?

[Adam:] it's going to take plenty multiple training consultation. When the dog learns some thing, it is situational. So that you're going to need to work the identical exercising... On the identical point inside the program... In numerous unique places earlier than you are geared up to transport onto the following step.

Throughout proofing, is it okay to feature distractions for the duration of the puppies learning section after the canine does the command for me more than one times effectively without being corrected?

[Adam:] you are confusing  things. Is the dog within the learning section, or is he within the proofing segment? The 2 are very awesome. Do not move onto one phase until you've got mastered the other.

Right here is the order: studying segment - reinforcement section - proofing segment.

How lengthy does it take the "common" canine to be trained a new command and proofed in it?

[Adam:] this is not possible to answer. It relies upon upon the instructor, the dog, the workout, the placing, how regularly the canine is worked, etc... You allow the dog tell you while it is time. That is why reading your canine is so crucial. It takes as long because it takes.

Do you teach the down/stay and take a seat/stay in one session or one by one?

[Adam:] separately.

In what order need to I teach my canine new instructions?

[Adam:] walk on a loose leash, boundary and perimeter education, sit-stay, down-stay, heel, then come. The order that you educate instructions isn't always written in stone, however I locate that doing it this manner permits for a totally herbal go with the flow and gaining knowledge of development.

Sorry my letter is so long...Any guidance you could give me is substantially liked...Oh, via the way I without a doubt just like the e-book.