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Take it easy and let loose

Take It Easy and Let Loose

We all have different lifestyles that affect our physical health, if we have a healthy lifestyle we tend to have a good physical health condition. But if we always disregard a healthy lifestyle, we only disregard our physical health.

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The word tight is getting more familiar these days. It often describes things that are usually associated with our daily activities: tight schedule, tight budget, and even tight clothes (for those who have recently gained weight). A common worker nowadays lives a tight lifestyle and this can make a person prone to having tight muscles. Tightening or contraction of muscles naturally occurs upon movement. Mobility actually is facilitated by the alternate and simultaneous coordination of the contraction and relaxation of muscles. However, excessive tightening of muscles should already be a cause of alarm. Conditions such as muscle cramps and muscle spasms result from continuous contraction of muscles or the muscles constant state of being tight. Muscle cramps or spasms should not be taken lightly because it can actually cause a person to remain immobile for a long period of time.

A busy lifestyle cannot be avoided unless a person is really good at time management. Feeling stressed often as a result of having a tight schedule everyday is inevitable unless one knows stress management. Tightening of muscles, muscle cramps or muscle spasms, however, can be prevented. Having weekly, regular massage sessions is one alternative for prevention, however, this can be very costly especially to those who are trying to manage their tight budget. The less expensive ways of prevention, therefore, is a better option. These techniques include changes in mindset, changes in activities, changes in food intake, and, finally, the use of supplements.

Change The Mindset As a person's life gets busier with work, he or she tends not to think of anything else except that. If the situation at work is stressful, it can be expected that a person will feel stressed because that is only what he or she thinks about. The key to avoiding this from happening is to have a change in one's mindset. This can either happen by changing one's focus from time to time or by incorporating a specific time for reflection and inspiration every day. One should learn to think of taking it easy from time to time. Try to focus more on family, friends, or recreation instead of just work. The best way of taking it easy is through having a time for reflection and inspiration because a person learns more about him or herself and becomes strengthened after doing this.

Change The Activity If a person is working all the time, things become routinely. At work, a person tends to stay in a single position, usually seated, for a long period of time. These prolonged routinely and stationary activities contribute more to the tightness of muscles in the body. Just like a person that has lost the ability to walk for a long time but suddenly regained it, it is quite difficult to adjust immediately because his or her muscles had already lost strength or had hardened throughout time. It is, therefore, necessary to do certain activities that will promote the fluidity and flexibility of muscles. These activities include stretching, massages, and application of moist heat, relaxation techniques, and various exercises.

Change The Food Intake To prevent having problems concerning one's muscles it is, therefore, necessary to protect it. As a means of protection, a person can increase consuming foods that are rich in nutrients that are needed by the muscles which include calcium, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin E. Some other minerals which facilitate blood flow to muscles are also needed such are copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, and selenium. These nutrients and minerals are usually found in vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, green leafy vegetables, and bananas. To obtain more calcium, it is often advised to drink more milk. Acidic food such as tomatoes and vinegar are said to interfere in the absorption of calcium, thus, should be consumed in lesser amounts.

Use Supplements Though a person may try to eat healthy most of the time, it cannot be avoided that the nutrients and minerals obtained from the food consumed may still be lacking. This is because factors such as digestion, metabolism, and absorption may interfere with the process of obtaining the nutrients contained in the food thus lessening the content that is actually being used. It is, therefore, necessary to use supplements that have a rich content of the nutrients needed. Herbal extracts that can be taken as supplements such as Black Cohosh, Bilberry, and Ginkgo are also known to be good for the muscles and circulation.

For people who have not taken the precautions seriously and have not been aware of how to prevent the tightening of muscles, they may be suffering from muscle cramps and spasms already or are very prone to having those conditions pretty soon. If a person is already suffering from the excruciating pain of muscle cramping or spasms, muscle relaxing medications such as Soma and Carisoprodol can be used for treatment. This, however, should be discussed first with a physician to prevent untoward incidents related to medications and further complications.