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Car Rental for Under 19's

In most countries, car hire companies only cater for drivers that are older than 21 or 23 years of age. Even in South Africa it can be quite difficult to get a company that doesnt wrinkle their noses at younger drivers.

Why on earth do we qualify for licenses once we reach the age of eighteen? Ive asked this question numerous times over the years.

I think the fact that its so hard to rent a car if your under-21 can be compared to the same reasoning applied to car insurance. The younger you are the more you pay. And, if you are under 25 then your payments per month are particularly more than someone of lets say 30 years of age.

As far as I know, its because theres a larger risk involved with younger drivers. The high accident rate obtained by some reckless under 21 drivers has caused young drivers from all over immense distress.

For tourists, students and anyone under 21, travelling can be quite an issue. A country like South Africa for instance has barely any form of decent affordable public transport. A private taxi is very highly priced, trains are dangerous and local minivan taxis are generally overcrowded.

Now where will you find reliable, affordable car hire?

Browsing the Internet I found very few car rental sites who considered renting cars to people under 21. Eventually I found one specific site who took under 21s into consideration.

I could barely believe it! A car hire company who trusts someone under the age of 25? Even better- a car rental company who caters for under 21s, under 20s AND under 19s!

I was quickly inspecting the website, trying to find some or other catch somewhere in the text. Nothing. They have one or two specific requirements and thats it.

They even state that they will meet all your car rental requirements and rent you a car thats affordable, reliable and economical. Being economical is quite important as South Africa has been hit by numerous petrol hikes in the last couple of months.

As an added bonus, you can collect and drop off your car almost anywhere in South Africa. Not only do you get unlimited kilometres and insurance, you can also cross the South African border into neighboring countries.

SO if you have a valid drivers license, a clean record and your 18 years or older, you can relax! Whenever you need a car rental in South Africa you will be able to get it. Under 19, 20 or 21s rest assured!