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Tips for grilling fish outdoors

Tips For Grilling Fish Outdoors

Fish On The Grill

One of the most popular items that most people would always have on the grill whatever the occasion is would be any type of fish. It could be that large bass you luckily caught while on a fishing trip, a lovely salmon steak or whatever fish it is that would do great on the grill. This is because grilling fish recipes would please most of our tastes and as well as the one who is cooking it since fish is fun and easy to cook. It also matches greatly with other common items on the grill such as peppers and other veggies.

So to make grilling fish easier as well as better tasting for you and everyone else who would eat it, here are some helpful tips to make it so.

Grilling Methods

For whole fish such as trout, snapper or salmon, the best way to grill it is through a hinged wire grill fish basket. It is also the best way to cook fillets of tender fish such as catfish or flounder. This is because the hinged wire distributes the heat evenly on the fish and the slight pressure that it will have on the fish cook much better, not to consider those pretty grill marks it would make after. You could also add herbs, lemon and other flavoring in between the fish and the grill for added flavor.

For firm fillets such as tuna and salmon, these are still very nice on the grill just make sure to handle them well to prevent them from breaking apart and falling into the grill. Make sure that you turn them only once while grilling; turning it back and forth every now and then will cause it to break apart. Also make sure that you watch the heat and make sure that it is always turned on to medium, take not that fish cooks quicker than most common items on the grill.

Marinating Fish

When it comes to marinating fish, you can come up with virtually anything you can imagine as long as it would taste good on the fish, just take note that liquid marinades are easier to absorb and would seep deeper into the fish as compared to sauces. When marinating fish, put the fish and the marinade together in a container and allow 30 minutes for the fish to soak up. Refrigerating while marinating is also highly advised, only bring out the fish when it is ready to be cooked.

If the marinade used on the fish should be used as a sauce, have it boil by itself for at least five minutes. Since the fish was raw when it was soaked in it, it could have traces of bacteria which we would not want on the sauce. Boiling it eliminates bacteria in it.

Plating Grilled Fish

Grilled fish is best served with other grilled seafood such as scallops, shrimps, crabs or lobsters. It also would also do well with grilled peppers, asparagus and onions. Grilled fish looks very appetizing when it has grill marks on the side, this of which is commonly noted as the mark of an expert when it comes to grilling.

This does not only look appetizing but is also a good way of judging that the fish is cooked right. Serving it with a salad and a soup would have everyone eating it have a good memory with grilled fish.