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The adjustments this academy sport requires of the girls

The Adjustments This Academy Sport Requires Of The Girls

High school female volleyball players are often confronted with a big concern as they enter the university to play for the college academy sports. Students in high school tend to be smaller at first but they grow into early adulthood after a couple of years. However, depending on one's genetic makeup as well as race, some may be bigger than the other comes their college years. What normally happens is they get the so-called culture shock as they come face to face with their competitors.

Hence, as a college volleyball player wannabe, you already have to work on your physical adjustments while you are still in your tender years in high school.

Here are a couple of insights on the physical needs that you should put in mind.

Compared to your high school volleyball team, the college division requires more speed and precision. You should know that these teams represent their universities in a variety of competitions. Thus, you have to get fully adjusted to the upcoming challenges. You must work on your tempo and speed because this sport will pose too many physical and mental demands. You should have your hands full with the practice in serving, receiving the ball, and the likes.

Incoming female college freshmen should develop themselves physically so they will be capable to compete against the taller and faster players of the opposing teams. If you want to become part of the team, you better work on increasing your vertical jump, build your butt and leg muscles, and strengthen them. This will enhance your accuracy and energy to be able to last through the matches.

The high school female volleyball players are also advised to bend to a higher frequency and intensity. The volleyball practices are truly demanding not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. When you get into the college team, you will face rigid practices so you need to prepare yourself for that time.

One's stamina should likewise be boosted to the highest level. Every member of the team is assigned a specific role and you have to do your best to fulfill your own responsibility. Your positions and team effort will determine the success of the entire team.

Your mental ability must also be sharpened specifically that your membership in the team asks you to concentrate, focus, play hard, and really give your all under all circumstances. So as you will no longer go through the long process of adjustment, it is best to develop both of your brain and body while you are still in high school. Doing so will make you more responsive to the intensity levels that your new team will be demanding and expecting from you.

Better condition your body and mind that this academy sport is sure to stir your confidence and stress management. Furthermore, you can't compromise your studies because being a part of the team grants you the much coveted scholarship. So, aside from your rehearsals, you likewise need to focus your mind on your academic studies. This therefore doubles the challenges that you need to face.