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Teaching kids howohow to make halloween handcrafts

Teaching Kids HowoHow to Make Halloween Handcrafts

Children love to explore the world with their hands. Give them something as simple as pieces of colored papers, and they will create their own version of a toy out of them. Indeed, kids have an innate talent to create something out of a simple thing. If you have kids at home, why not help them enhance their creativity through making handcrafted Halloween character figures? You can teach children how to make Halloween handcrafts such as ghosts, spiders, monsters, and tombstones. Creating these spooky decorations for home or school would be a better idea to enjoy the Halloween aside from treat or tricks and wearing scary costumes in themed parties.

Here are some of the projects you can make with your child along with instructions on teaching him or her to create handcrafted Halloween figures.

Ghost Hands

Make the child trace his hand on a piece of paper while keeping his fingers close together. Then cut out the traced hand and turn it on its other side. The fingers will be the bottom of the body of the ghost, while the palm area will be the face of the ghost. Let your child draw any expression of the face (e.g. happy, sad, shocked, scared, etc.) that he likes. How, ask him to trace the finished ghost on a sheet of white paper. This second ghost can be colored with crayons or pastels and then stick the first ghost on top of the second one. The color coming from the second ghost will create an interesting effect.

Spider Fingers

Ask your child to draw his hand, excluding the thumbs. As a result, there will be eight fingers, which represent the eight legs of a spider. Each spider leg will then be decorated with colors, photos, and numbers that are Halloween-themed. For example, they can glue photos of Jack O'Lantern or draw images of witches on broomsticks. Once all the spider legs have been decorated, have your child draw an oval shape or a footthis will be the spiders body. For the eyes of the spider, you can cut out eye images from magazines. Finally, the child will stick one hand to the left or right side of the spiders body.

Monster Hands

Assist the child in tracing around his hand loosely to create a face of a monster. The palm of the hand is where the monsters face is supposed to be drawn. The face can have one of the following expressions: scary, happy, silly, spooky, etc. The fingers of the hand drawing will be the hair of the monster. You can add cotton balls on the fingers to make the hair fluffier. The fingers can be rolled around a pencil to make the hair curly. You can use every technique possible to decorate the hair of the monster.

Children will definitely find it fun and exciting to make Halloween handcrafts because it gives them the chance to use their skills to create something. And for adults like you, teaching your kids to handcraft Halloween figures is a way to relive your childhood past.