How to ride a motorcycle beginner guide

How To Ride A Motorcycle: Beginner Guide

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How to Ride a Motorcycle

Riding motorcycles is a puzzle for many people. While millions know how to drive a car, a smaller fraction of the population knows how to ride a motorcycle. However, riding a motorcycle isn’t really a complicated matter once you know the basic principles. It may be totally different from driving a car, but it is definitely something which can easily be learned. Perhaps one most important things that a rider should learn is turning the head. You need to turn your head when you pull out to a road or when you change lanes in order to see what is behind and beside you. You don’t have a rear view mirror when riding a motorcycle and thus this habit could be a life-saving one.

Once you have the engine started and the motorcycle is in neutral, you need to pull the clutch in using your left hand and then click the gear onto the first gear. Slowly release the clutch and gently wind the gas throttle in your direction, this is just enough to prevent stalling. Now you need to wind your throttle a little bit more and then soon enough the bike will start moving.

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Now you need to know how to stop. Pull in the clutch while gently pushing your throttle away from you, and then pull the brake in with your right fingers. Keep on practicing moving and stopping so that you will be in control of the motorcycle. Just remember to grip the bikes fuel tank using your knees to secure yourself during the ride, and keep your body relaxed.

Practice until you feel that you are confident enough to increase the motorcycles speed and use higher gears. During the ride, keep your head upright so that you are aware of what is happening around you. Don’t keep on looking at the handles because they will distract you from seeing what is ahead.

When you are braking, it is important to apply more stress to the brake in the front than the one in the back. The rear brake mainly assists the front brake. The stopping power is really at the front. You might need extra assistance from the rear break during wet weather, though. It is actually really simple to ride a bike. The most important thing if for you to combine all the principles together in a very harmonized manner while keeping yourself upright and being attentive to your environment.

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