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How to revise your prl content and what to do with it

How To Revise Your Prl Content And What To Do With It

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Many website and business owners choose to purchase articles from another source to save time and funds writing fresh content in-house. A popular avenue for purchasing is private label rights (PLR) or buying articles that are basically ghostwritten that come packaged with rights to use them however you'd like.

Some popular ways to revise and use PLR content are:

1) When you use the articles to advertise your products or services, it may be better to break the articles down into several smaller ones that consumers can review quickly. Because you own the articles, you can edit them in any way you chooseso add a photo or graphic and even audio and a video clip to spruce them up a bit.

2) If youve hired someone to ghostwrite your PLR articles just for you, you have the option of using them just as they are. All you need to do is to add your name and byline and you are well on your way to becoming a success. This can help bring in traffic and income. If the articles are well written, you are well on your way to building a solid reputation in your field.

3) Package some of your PLR content and create information products: ecourses, print and electronic downloadable guides, reports, ebooks, tutorials, autoresponder series and more.

4) Monetize your content by placing it online on web pages, blogs, in forums where article posting or snippets are allowed, in emails and autoresponders and adding Google Adsense with it or banner ads, affiliate links, ebook covers for Clickbank products linked to your affiliate sales page and other money-making avenue streams.

5) Interview industry experts and your own clients and turn your content into interview pieces and case studies for your sites and reports. Insert their photos and audio video testimonials, too.

6) Add your own content other PLR content, other ghostwritten content, public domain content, co-authored content. Expand what you have and take it further.

7) Do joint ventures with others: create PLR packages together, advertise to each others lists, exchange links, etc.

8) Package your PLR - -create up-sells or packages where people can purchase the ebook, the ebook with audio and video, and all items with extra Bonus items like a guide and report that all go together.

The key is to make sure everything goes together well with your PLR content. I.E. you dont want to see a dog training guide with a web hosting package. Keep like things in mind.