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How to get a flat tummy
A cursory look at the media reveals that there is scramble to look leaner. This is mainly because the media peddles the ideal person in many revolving commercials as being the lean slim person. There is no place for the overweight or obese appearances. Gymnasium operators and other fitness experts have witnessed an increase in enrollments mainly because almost everyone wants to look the part. This move to become even leaner is not simply an issue with appearance. Statistics show that over 350,000 die every year in the United States due to weight related complications. Being overweight is determined by what we call BMI or body mass index. This is ideally the dividing of ones weight with ones height and then squaring the results. A BMI of 29-25 is considered overweight. To go even further, overweight is really viewed by nutritionists as a state of being overweight which in turn threatens ones health and well being.

Obesity is a big problem in the US and the EU. This has mostly been caused by a sedentary lifestyle which involves eating food that is high in trans fats and carbohydrates and then indulging in very little exercise or strenuous physical activity.

One of the ways to take care obesity especially where it involves the tummy is to exercise. One does not necessarily have to enroll in a gymnasium or pay an expensive fitness trainer. You can start by 30 seconds of running around your compound or on the spot.

Another great exercise is performing push-ups. To avoid damage to your wrists, it is recommended that you start slow, probably 20 push-ups a day. These have a great effect on increasing the body metabolic rate especially on tummy. Finally, checking what is eating also helps with reducing tummy size.