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How To Make People Really Envy You

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Recall the last basketball game you attended.

Where you the player or the spectator?

Theres a stark difference between the two.

Players live IN the game, experiencing an adrenaline rush and living every moment in constant focus, drive and passion. They make things happen, exerting consistent actions committed to a goal.

Despite the risk of winning or losing, players are fully alive.

The spectator, on the other hand, sits from the stands. He watches and observes. His pulse pounds mildly- after all he experiences triumph or defeat vicariously from his preferred team. But do you think he actually enjoys the event as much as the player does?

Now heres the difference: spectatorship costs you big time. It costs you the actual experience of the game.

The player literally forgets the rest of the world- time dilates and contracts as he pours his soul into competitive action.

The spectator watches indifferently, cheering when hoops are burnt and jeering when fouls are called. The former definitely enjoys the moment far more.

Are YOU living life as a player or spectator? Take an ecology check on your life

One thing Ive observed with many folks is that they go through life forever experiencing great accomplishments saying Someday, Ill do that Someday Ill do what Bill Gates did Someday Ill ask that great woman out.


Say Someday often enough and youll never get around to doing anything at all. Youll forever be a spectator. Never a player.

Isnt this shortchanging yourself?

Someday is a deadly mindset. It prevents you from fully taking responsibility for living your life. Someday eases your Soul out of the equation of life.

I dare you. Turn your Somedays into TODAY. Youll attract the grandest opportunities into your life and breathe new life into your soul.