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How to maintain your job etiquette

How To Maintain Your Job Etiquette
Have you worked so hard to land in a position in your current company? Have you always dreamed of working for your current employer? Well, the more reasons that you have to be careful with your actions, to watch out for your words, and to be conscious of your job etiquette.

There are times when without your knowing, some of your fellow workers get annoyed at you. It may be due to the way you act, the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you walk, and due to some other very minute details. There are various types of individuality that exist in all workplaces. You can never find a perfect and harmonious place in the corporate world. One basic reason for which is that it is part of human's nature to be envious of what other people have. Second, some can really be too observant of other people's personalities. At the same time, there is that sense of competition running in every worker's veins.

Etiquette refers to your manners. Thus, to be able to know which actions are proper and improper in your workplace, read on below for some tips.
Refrain from smoking or chewing tobacco during breaks or while working. You have to pay attention to the kind of space that you share with other people. Not all employees in your company are smokers, so to speak. Hence, they are not likely to appreciate the scent of tobacco on their hair, clothes, or working space. If you wish to smoke, it is best to stay in the smoking area so that you will not disturb others.

Freshen your breath after smoking. If you are assigned to the department that handles client inquiries, be sure to freshen up your breath after you have consumed any cigarette. People who talk to you are likely to be turned off as they catch your foul breath.

Pay attention to proper hygiene. Always arrive to work with a pleasant body odor and freshly brushed and flossed teeth. Be sure to change your clothes often and wear those freshly laundered pieces.

Dress appropriately. It is best to learn of the company's dress code so that you will look respectable.

Don't touch things which are not your own. Never get or touch food, drinks, and other people's belongings without their permission.

Don't butt in when other people are having discussions. It is not your business so back off. Don't ever eavesdrop in other's conversations. Share your idea only when the discussion is directed at you.

Be considerate especially as you use your cellular phone. Turn your phone into silent mode when you are working. When accepting a personal call, it is best to exit so others will not be annoyed.

Address each and every person with respect. Respect should not only be given to your boss and other superiors. You should know how to treat people of all ranks with respect.
Let go of your distractions. Don't play games, turn on the radio, play loud music, and the likes while everyone is in work mode.

Watch your deadlines. You have been hired because you have a role to play and duties to fulfill. Therefore, beat your deadlines and fulfill your responsibilities.

All these tips will be helpful to you. Incorporate these job etiquette tips and you are sure to do well in your line of work!