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How to maintain a killer myspace layout

How To Maintain A Killer Myspace Layout

Myspace, one of the leaders in social networking, has hit a record of over 50 million users. The problem with so many users is that creativity often runs low. Mass-produced Myspace layouts can be seen everywhere on Myspace- and finding an original profile has become something of a phenomenon.

The main problem with getting new Myspace profiles is that everyone else has already likely found and used one of the hundreds that are available all over the internet. The solution that many people seek comes in the form of Myspace layout generators. These Myspace layout generators allow users to create and edit profile colors, images, and even add special items such as glitter text. This allows those who have little experience with HTML or CSS create a professional looking profile, but it still takes much more work than simply copying and pasting a premade layout.

For those who are a little more adept in technical skills, editing the HTML and CSS directly will give the most unique Myspace layout available. CSS basically controls how certain things are displayed- which means text, links, font decorations, and much more. The HTML side of coding allows users to input images, control text styles and decorations that the CSS code specifies, and can even put videos or music players into a profile. This method takes a lot more time to edit and complete, but it will give the best overall unique look for a Myspace layout.

The number one giveaway that users have used a pre-made Myspace layout is the ads that are left behind from the Myspace layout websites. Most Myspace layout providers put ads and images in the layout code that link back to their website. Users can edit this out, usually by finding the link they leave behind, which will start with and then be followed by a link to a website. This is a common giveaway that a users profile is just one of the thousands that looks like every other un-creative profile.

Of course, creativity isnt always necessary. Having a creative Myspace layout is simply a means of communicating to viewers who you are and what you do. For businesses or organizations, having a creative layout is mandatory to running a successful Myspace business. For instance, record labels will definitely not want to use a branded layout- musicians would likely think that they arent serious enough to take the time and make their own. This can not only hurt business through lack of dedication, but also through loss of business to competitors that do have creative Myspace layout.

The Myspace layout is the next personal homepage of the current generation. Clearly, the 1990s brought a lot of innovation into the web design scene. Since then, the ease of using Myspace has made a new kind of personal homepage- one complete with a blog, music, pictures, and networking capabilities. The definition of a personal webpage means that the content is unique- not copied. Likewise, those who use Myspace to define themselves among friends will want to customize Myspace layouts as much as possible- as it is likely the majority of the other 50 million users of simply copied and pasted a Myspace layout for their own personal use.